Dum aaloo

Dum aaloo is a classic  North Indian dish prepared with baby potatoes with rich tomato based gravy.It is best served with rotis.

Recipe adapted from: Nita Mehta

Baby potatoes-20
Water melon seeds(magaz)-3tbsp
Garam masala powder-1tsp
Kashmiri chilly powder-1tsp
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Rice flour -4tsp
Coriander  leaves-to garnish
Salt – to taste
Sugar-a pinch

  1. Prick the  the potatoes,parboil, dry it on the kitchen towel, apply little salt and rice flour and deep fry and keep it aside.
  2. Grind onions and ginger together and keep it aside.
  3. Paste magaz seeds and cashews separately.
  4. Puree tomatoes or you can use 1 cup  of  ready made tomato puree.
  5. Heat ghee and saute the  onion paste till the raw smell goes away.
  6. Add tomato puree,garam masala powder,coriander powder and kashmiri chilly powder and saute for few minutes.
  7. Add cashew and magaz paste and saute for few seconds.
  8. Add fried potatoes and water as much needed to adjust the consistency.
  9. Add salt and sugar to taste.
  10. Take a boil and keep the gravy thick.
  11. Garnish coriander leaves.

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