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Egg ghee roast biryani

Egg ghee roast biryani is an excellent biryani.I first tasted chicken ghee roast biryani is Froth on top,so keeping that in mind I tried to create this dish.Ghee roast is a specialty of Mangalore.There are various versions of the recipe. This is a very spicy biryani where people will drool at the sight of it.This became a super hit at our place.

Ingredients for the egg ghee roast:
Eggs-8 hard boiled
Kashmiri chillies-25 (according to your taste)
Tomato sauce-2tsp
Ghee-3-4 tbsp
Salt to taste

1)Soak the chillies in hot water for  two hours.
2)Drain the water and grind it with the above ingredients except lime and sauce.
3)In a pan heat ghee and fry the masala for half an hour till the raw smell disappears.
4)Add little water to adjust the consistency and add eggs and sauce.
5)Add salt to taste and lastly add juice of lime and again 2tsp ghee and fry for 2 -3 minutes.

Ingredients for the biryani rice:
Basmathi rice -1 ½ cup
Onions-2 chopped lengthwise
Cardamom -5-6
Bay leaf-2
Cashews-1/4 cup
Ghee-2 tbsp
Water-3 cups
Salt to taste

Deep fried onions-2

1)Take a cooker, add ghee and fry onions till light red.
2)Add all the spices,dry fruits,washed rice and fry for 2-3 minutes.
3)Add salt to taste.
4)Add water and take exactly one whistle and off the flame immediately.
5)Once the pressure goes ,remove the lid and gently transfer  it into a big plate and cool it completely.

Final step:
1)Take a borosil bowl.
2)Firstly add a  layer of rice.
3)Then a  layer of Ghee roast.
4)Then again sandwich with rice finally.
5)Garnish with fried onions.
6)You can also add chopped coriander leaves (optional).
7)Close it with cling film.
8)Microwave for 6 minutes.
9)Egg Ghee Roast Biryani is ready to eat.
10)Serve it with raitha.
11) For extra touch you can also mix the entire biryani gently  after giving micro dum.

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