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Pomfret with ginger and onion curry

This is an authentic  konkani preparation prepared in most of the GSB homes.Pomfret with ginger and onion is known as  pomfret alle piyavu in konkani. Alle means ginger and piyavu means onion.This fish  has many health benefits.It contributes to one of main table fish in India.It is also known as  Silver pomfret. It is very tender while it gets cooked and very delicious.And I’m glad to inform you’ll friends I did my first guest post on Aparna bhats blog that is Aps kitchen and I thank her whole heartedly for that.I was still working on my blog while I did my guest post for her.

Ingredients for the masala:
Pomfret-2 sliced into pieces

Coconut-1 cup
Long Red chillies-7
Short red chillies-5
Tamarind-marble sized
Salt-to taste

Onions-1 chopped very finely

Ginger- 1″chopped finely
Coconut oil- 2tsp
1)Fry both the chillies till crisp.
2) Grind all the masala ingredients into a fine paste.
3)Add water to adjust the consistency.
4)Add chopped onions and  ginger to the gravy and take a small boil.
5)Add salt and fish and take a boil.
6)Off the flame.
7)Lastly add coconut oil over the top of the curry.
Tips :
We GSB s fry the red chillies and store it in a airtight container.
Once you add the fish don’t put the spatula as the fish might crumble .
You can just turn the vessel by holding the side handles.

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