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Chocolate eclairs

Phewwww. Yes, that was my expression when I saw the lengthy recipe of the Chocolate eclairs.But my daughter inspired me try this wonderful recipe.And lo  I started,I told myself,its gonna be a flop show today.But when the baking process started and was finally done exactly after 20 minutes,it was perfect and there came a broad smile on my face. By the way, for those of you who can’t smile due to a teeth problem, look for shine smile’s website to meet their dental expert specializing in bone grafting in Naples, FL. And I went  on and completed the entire procedure with  a great spirit.Though I messed here and there the final product was a big hit.And yes,  I m gonna bake it again tomorrow on popular demand.So thank you my princess for everything and most importantly helping me with the typing job.

Recipe adapted from Nita Mehta 
Ingredients for Choux pastry:
Plain flour (maida)-75 gm(3/4 cup approx)
Salt- a pinch
Butter or margarine – 25 gm (2 tbsp)
Water- ¾ cup (140 ml)
Sugar- 1 tsp

Ingredients for the filling:
Cream-200 gm
Icing sugar-4 tbsp (sifted)
Vanilla essence- ¼ tsp

Ingredients for the chocolate coating:
Fresh cream-100 gm ( ½ cup)
Cooking chocolate- 150 gm / 3 stabs (40 gm each) of amul, nestle or cadbury dark chocolate
Butter- 1 tsp

  1. To prepare the choux, sift flour and salt together.
  2. Put butter, water and sugar into a sauce pan and heat gently until butter melts; then raise the heat and rapidly bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Remove the pan from fire and add all the flour at once.
  4. Stir quickly with a wooden spoon until flour absorbs all liquid.
  5. Return to heat and stir until a smooth ball is formed and it leaves the sides of the pan.
  6. Allow the mixture to cool a little.
  7. Beat eggs till fluffy.
  8. Gradually mix eggs and beat till the eggs are well mixed.
  9. The choux pastry should be thick enough to hold its shape but not stiff.
  10. Spoon pastry into a stiff (transparent) polythene bag.
  11. Cut one corner to pipe ½ ’ thick fingers.
  12. Pipe out 2” long fingers on a greased baking tray.
  13. Start piping with the cut and touching the tray and lifting it while pressing the mixture out, cut off the required length with a wet knife.
  14. Preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius and bake for 20 minutes .
  15. Remove from the oven.
  16. Slit  them down on one side to let the steam escape and leave on a wire rack to cool.

Method for fresh cream filling:

  1. Beat the chilled cream & sugar till it forms soft peaks and cool it in the fridge.
  2. When eclairs are cold, fill them with cream using a piping bag and a nozzle and again keep in the fridge.

Method for  the chocolate icing:

  1. To prepare the top icing, break softened chocolate into small  pieces.
  2. Heat the cream in a heavy bottomed pan, on low heat ( do not boil).
  3. Add chocolate pieces & heat stirring continuously, till chocolate melts and you get an almost smooth paste.
  4. Remove from fire and stir in butter gently till it turns smooth.
  5. Immediately pour over the eclairs to cover the top completely.
  6. Keep under refrigeration for 2-3 hours till the icing sets.
  7. Chocolate eclairs are ready.


       I used  1 bar of  Bournville chocolate slab and added 1 tsp cocoa powder to the chocolate sauce.
       I got around 6 eclairs.
       I always modify the recipe as per my requirements.
       You may use powdered sugar instead of icing sugar.

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