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Sol kadi

Sol,Kokum,berinda sol ,they all are the same.Goa is very famous for its Sol kadi and kokum sar. Kokum, sorrel fruit , tamarind is most commonly used in Konkan cooking as it adds tangy taste and blends with the other spices and balances the curry.In konkani we call it as Berinda sol and most common preparation is Berinda saru which I will post soon.My mamama is used to prepare the best  sol kadi whenever  there was fish preparation.In Mumbai ,it is served with  the Malwani fish thali. We also have a big kokum tree which yields hundreds of fruits  even now, in my paternal grandfathers ancestral house in Kerala.My mom still dries it in the house and stores and gives my share too.The inner seeds of the fruit which resembles like  mango steen, is edible ,which  is swallowed,and outer part is dried in the sun until crisp for few days by adding little salt and then stored for years.The newer the  Sol ,then you can  expect great pink color,the older,the light color.When I was a child,I was damn scared to eat  swallow  the seeds as I was scared I will  be transformed  into  a tree, lol. My brother used to swallow the seeds and I used to wait until  next day  to check whether he has been  transformed to a tree.Poor bro.Hes still human .haahah.  Me and my imagination.haha….Nostalgia…They make the best juice too,which we say as berinda sherbath in Konkani. Kokum soda  tastes superb,and imagine  if you have it after a heavy meal it is simply mind blowing. Kokum juice is very good for health.Overall, Kokum is a healthy fruit.For more information on Kokum you may refer here.Sol kadi makes the best appetizer.

Grated coconut-2 cups 
Kokum(Sol)-7-8 pieces(garcinia indica)
Salt to taste
Green chilly-1
Coriander leaves-few to garnish
Water-2 cups

  1. Soak the kokum in the warm water for an hour.
  2. Grind the grated coconut along with  garlic and green chilly to a fine paste.
  3. Take a broad vessel and  place a strainer and extract coconut milk by adding little water and squeezing thick extract first,keep it seperate.
  4. Again add little water and squeeze water ,this will be the thin extract.
  5. Add salt to taste,mix both the thick and thin coconut extract,soaked Sol ,adjust the consistency  and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  6. As times passes the kokum releases its color.
  7. Relish it with rice or as an appetizer.

My notes:

You may also soak the Sol overnight to get a deep pink color.
You may also boil the Sol  for 6-7 minutes to get the Sol extract.
You may strain the mixture if you want so.
You may also use ready made coconut milk and kokum syrup and make this preparation.

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