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Undi(rice dumpling)

Undi is a traditional GSB breakfast prepared in most of the GSB homes.Even Mangalorean bunts have their own version which they prepare like  pundi ghasi and marwai pundi.Undi means rice dumplings which are steamed either in the steamer known as Pedavan or you may also steam it the Pressure cooker without adding pressure.I have steamed undi s even in the microwave by covering with lid and also in an electric cooker.So you’ll may use any method to steam.It tastes good if you eat it with a jaggery syrup known as rawo,dry chutneys  or even pickle.Best served with home made butter ‘Loni’.I always keep a  stock of home made butter which I convert into clarified butter that is ghee.Nothing like homemade butter and ghee.This dish is best to carry while you travel,other than idli.

Idli rawa-2 cups
Coconut-1 cup ,grated
Sugar-1 pinch
Salt – to taste
Water-5-6 cups
To temper:
Oil-2 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Fenugreek seeds-a pinch
Urad dal(split black gram dal)-1 tsp

  1. Soak the idli rawa for an hour, strain it and keep it aside.
  2. Grind the coconut gratings for few seconds in the blender without adding water coarsely  and mix it with the soaked idli rawa and keep it aside.
  3. Heat  oil in a thick bottomed pan splutter mustard seeds,methi and urad dhal.
  4. Add water and take a boil.
  5. Pour idli rawa mixture,salt and sugar.
  6. Turn over the batter until it turns stiff and leaves the sides of the pan.
  7. Remove from the flame,shape into double the size of the lemons,and make a depression on each ball at the centre.
  8. Steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes.
  9. Take the undis out and serve it with garlic chutney,butter or gravy.

My notes:
If you do not have idli rawa you may soak 2 cups of white rice  for 2 hours and grind it coarsely with coconut gratings.
You may use the idli rawa directly without soaking it,just by washing it and then use it.
You may prepare this previous night and keep from step 1 to step 7 and steam next day.

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