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Onion Thambuli

Onion thambuli is a popular G.S.B dish. It is most commonly served with the fish thali with the combination of fried fish. Amma used to prepare this often especially during Diwali season with the fish thali dinner which would be  after the oil bath…Traditionally this tastes even better if ground in a manual grinder which used to be followed at Amma’s house until recently….This gravy is very easy to prepare but cannot be kept for a long time since there is no heating process involved in the preparation, though can be refrigerated for a day, but tastes good when fresh or just done. Normally this gravy is kept little bland. 

Ingredients to be ground:
Coconut-1 cup,grated
Roasted short red chillies-2
Tamarind-half the marble size
Other ingredients:
Onion-1.chopped finely
Green chilly-1,chopped
Ginger-1 tsp,chopped finely
Coconut oil-1 tsp


  1. Grind all the ingredients mentioned under ingredients to be ground to a very smooth paste.
  2. Transfer the ground masala into a bowl,add masala water,salt to taste and adjust the gravy.
  3. Keep the gravy normal thin,add chopped onions,green chilly and ginger,coconut oil and mix it.
  4. Serve it with fish thali.

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