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Sangali randai(Cat fish curry)

Sangali means cat fish.As a kid I had tasted this fish and used it enjoy it thoroughly. But seldom we used to get this fish,don’t know why.Whenever my Papa’s sister used give her yearly visit,she used to get it from the market.Even I have gone with her several times to the main fish market,ofcourse bunking the school many a times, hehe. Whenever she used to visit us it used to be a  fish feast.Those days, the cutting of the fish was done at home only.And cutting this particular fish is not an easy task since it is slippery.The main taste of  this fish is its head and it is very difficult to cut it since it has dangerous bones which pricks easily.I learnt to cut fish at an very early age since that was my favourite job.Indian  style “addoli” that is sitting style chopper or equipment is the best to cut fish.Amma used to use ash(gobboru) while cutting certain fish like Lady fish, Pomfret to separate skin,and this fish that is cat fish.Even I know the technique.Ash is used so that the fish doesn’t slip while cutting it.I learnt this recipe from my aayi(Bapama) that is from my paternal grandmother.This curry is best relished with boiled rice on a plantain leaf.

Cat fish-8,cut into medium pieces and cleaned
Coconut oil-2 tsp
Salt-to taste
Ingredients for the masala:
Coconut-2 cups,grated
Short red chilly(Roasted in a tsp of oil)-7-8 approx
Long red chilly(Roasted in a tsp of oil)-4
Tamarind- marble sized
Urad dhal- 2 tsp(Roast in a tsp of oil until light brown)
Water- as much needed to grind the masala


  1. Grind all the ingredients mentioned above  to a fine paste in a blender or an electric grinder.
  2. Transfer the masala into a vessel,add water and adjust the consistency as need,add salt to taste,keep it on flame,take a boil.
  3. Once the gravy starts boiling drop the fish into the gravy,add water if needed again,take a boil again,close the lid and cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Off the flame and add coconut oil.
  5. Relish it with hot hot boiled rice.

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  1. Delectable fish curry looks awesome

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