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Thoushe Hullel,A cucumber dish

Thoushe hullel is a side dish prepared with cucumber.This dish is prepared in most of the GSB auspicious occasions and one of the favourite at our place.Cucumber is a cooler.I like to eat it with salt and chilly powder.Small tender cucumber is best for this dish.A very simple preparation and very tasty too.Since dish is not heated it needs to be refrigerated until use.Note down the ingredients.

Cucumber-2-3,small tender ones or 1 big 
Ginger-2 tsp,finely chopped
Green chilly-1,finely chopped

To be ground:
Coconut-1 cup,grated
Roasted short red chilly-1
Tamarind-small pinch
Mustard-1/2 tsp
Salt- to taste


  1. Wash,peel and chop the cucumber into small dices and keep it aside.
  2. Grind the ingredients mentioned  to a coarse  dry masala, don’t add too much water.
  3. Transfer the masala in a mixing bowl,add salt to taste,cucumber,ginger and green chillies and mix it with a spatula.
  4. Refrigerate until use (or keep the dish on a plate with little water for a short time).
  5. Best consumed immediately after done.

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