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Gudgudu Alambe song(Thunder Mushrooms chilly)Monsoon special

Its nearly a month since Monsoon has hit  Mangalore. There are lot delicacies prepared during this season because few greens are available only during this season.Some of them are Cassia tora leaves orTaikilo,Maralva paan or Colocasia leaves,Kirlu or tender bamboo shoots,phagil or teasel gourd and most important and my favourite is THUNDER MUSHROOM or  GUDGUDU ALAMBE as in Konkani which is available only during first thunder of the season.Gudgudu means thunder and Alambe means Mushrooms.The Alambe’s are grown under the grounds especially in the mountain regions.
                             There is lot of demand for thunder mushrooms especially by the  GSB’s during the season and it is pretty expensive too.Fresh batches of the mushrooms will be booked in advance by most of them.The smell is not so pleasing for few but for those love, smell  doesn’t matter and  is tolerable.The alambe’s needs to be peeled and once peeled the quantity reduces tremendously.Peeling the alambe consumes a lot of time and needs lot of patience too.Ofcourse I like to peel the alambe’s, but this time I was lucky as my sister Shan had reached on time from UAE and she loves to peel alambe’s.So my aayi(granny) and Shan peeled whole lot of alambe’s for me.Thanks a lot to both of them.
                          We prepare Alambe buthi,ambat,song etc.My favourite is Alambe song among all.Same recipe may be prepared with potatoes,button mushrooms,  babycorn, rajma, tingalvare etc.I could not capture the fresh pictures of Alambe,will replace the picture when I take fresh pictures next time.The best combination with song is dali thoy.

Onions-5-6,chopped into medium sized pieces

Chilly powder-3-4 tsp or to taste
Tamarind pulp-double the marble sized
Salt to taste
Coconut oil-2 tbsp
Tomato sauce-2 tsp * optional
Thunder mushrooms-2-3 cups,peeled and cleaned

  1. Heat oil in a pan and fry onions until  pinkish in colour.
  2. Lower  the flame, add chilly powder and fry for a minute.
  3. Add tamarind pulp,little water,tomato sauce and salt to taste.
  4. Take a boil on high flame and  then  again lower the flame,add mushrooms and cook it  until it gets cooked.
  5. Keep the gravy consistency little thick.
  6. Relish it with rice or roti.

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