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Kesar Duddali,Arrowroot pudding(Stepwise pictures)

Ever since I saw my friend Chandrika Kini’s post on Kesar Duddali,I was very tempted to eat   prepare it. Amma came to my rescue and guided me how to prepare.Though I’m not a duddali lover,I like to learn new recipes and want to learn the art of cooking different cuisines.Now let me tell you’ll what duddali is.Duddali is a pudding prepared with Arrowroot powder or Kunve peet as in Konkani.It is very good for health too.Arrowroot is a powder of a medicinal root…The normal duddali is prepared without Saffron or Kesar. But Kesar truly enhances the beauty  and flavour of the duddali. For measurements use the same cup for all the ingredients mentioned to be measured in cups.Tutti fruity garnish is optional,since I had it in hand I used it.

Arrowroot powder-1 cup(Kunve peet)
Sugar-1 cup
Water-2 1/4 cups
Milk-1 cup
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Saffron-few strands soaked in milk
Ghee-1 tsp to grease a tali
For garnish-Tutti fruity(optional)


  1. Soak the  arrowroot powder in 5-6 cups of water in a vessel overnight.
  2. Next morning the the batter will be settled down the vessel.
  3. The batter will resemble like a dosa batter.
  4. Carefully discard all the water .
  5. Add sugar to the batter and mix it well.
  6. Take a thick bottomed kadai,add the sugar batter,water and milk.
  7. Keep it on flame and keep stirring it without forming lumps.
  8. Cook it until bubbles starts appearing in the batter.
  9. Add saffron milk,cardamom powder and mix it.
  10. The batter will take about 15 minutes approx to get cooked.
  11. Grease a tali,transfer the batter in the greased tali,grease the  opposite side of the spatula also and spread the batter evenly.
  12. Keep it aside to set for few minutes.
  13. You may also refrigerate it to get set.
  14. Once set cut it into desired shapes.
  15. Garnish with tutti fruity.
  16. Can be refrigerated  and used for 2-3 days.

Some stepwise pictures:

                                       Arrowroot powder




                                Soak the arrowroot powder in 5-6 glasses of water overnight.

                                              Discard the water the next morning.

                                            Add sugar to the batter and mix it well.

            Mix in water and milk to the sugar batter and keep it on flame stirring continuously.

                                      Add saffron milk and keep stirring in on flame.

                                    Add cardamom powder and mix it.

                                             Grease a tali.

                                  Grease the opposite side of the spatula,add the batter and spread it.

                                             Allow it to set.

                                            The empty Kadai.

                          Cut  it into desired shapes,garnish with tuttifruity and relish it.

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  1. Beautiful presentation! Loved the idea of adding Kesar!

  2. Arrowroot pudding looks so deliciosu.

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