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Phanha Pathrado,Monsoon special

Dear readers this is a pathrado week,yes,today again I’m posting a recipe on Pathrado, but seasoned version.By now you’ll must have got an idea on what Pathrado is.Please refer my previous post on Pathrado for other details…When I prepared steamed version of pathrado I kept few rolls in the refrigerator to prepare panha pathrado so that I can share the recipe with you’ll.Even otherwise I refrigerate few rolls for my future use if I have surplus.You may also store it in the freezer for a week or more and steam it whenever you want by bringing it to normal temperature before cooking.
              Panha pathrado is my favourite pathrado.It is seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves along with Black gram dal and fenugreek seeds.The procedure for pathrado is same but only difference is the seasoning part.You may prepare this in a pressure cooker or a kadai.I prepare in both depending on my mood.Please follow the entire recipe of Pathrado,only difference here is instead of steaming we are seasoning.

Refer here for the ingredients and the rolling procedure:Here

Pathrado:-3 rolls
Oil-2 tbsp
Mustard seeds-2 tsp
Black gram dal-1 tsp
Curry leaves-3 sprigs
Fenugreek seeds-8 seeds approx
Salt-1/2 tsp
Water-2 cups approx


  1. Take a pressure cooker,heat oil,splutter mustard seeds,add curry leaves.
  2. Add black gram dal and fenugreek seeds and fry until light brown.
  3. Now arrange  the sliced pathrado rolls in the cooker,add water and salt to taste.
  4. Close the lid and take 2 whistles and off the flame.
  5. Once the pressure releases,open the lid and mix it carefully.
  6. Relish it hot with the main course.
  7. Goes well with rice and dali thoy.

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