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Microwave Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a sweet which is famous in Southern India.The common ones which we find in Mangalore is the one with the pores.This Mysore pak is filled with the aroma of ghee and is more  like Nandini Mysore Pak and super duper tasty.I had bookmarked this recipe the day when my friend  Niya Prakash  had posted it in her blog.Yesterday I tried this and was super duper easy to prepare.I used homemade clarified butter(ghee) for this which gave the sweet an extra punch.

Recipe adapted from: Niyas world

Besan-1 cup(sieved)
Sugar- 2 cups,powdered(you may reduce 1/4 cup if you want less sweet)
Ghee-1 tbsp(to roast besan)
Ghee- 1 cup (100 ml)
Ghee-1 tsp to grease a tray
Milk-2 tbsp, boiled and at room temperature


  1. Roast the besan in ghee for 4-5 minutes until you get a nice aroma.
  2. Sieve the roasted besan for better results and to get a smooth texture.
  3. Take a micro safe bowl  with 1 1/2 lt capacity and melt ghee for 1 minute on high temperature(750 watts).
  4. Grease a  thali,preferably a square baking tin or a borosil tin and keep it ready.
  5. Mix the roasted besan,sugar powder,milk in the melted ghee and remove any lumps.
  6. Microwave for 2-3 minutes  until the mixture starts bubbling well.
  7. This is the right stage to switch off the Microwave .
  8. Immediately spread the bubbling mixture in the tray and smoothen it with a spatula.
  9. Cool it for 10 -12 minutes and then cut into desired shapes.
  10. Wait for an hour or more and carefully transfer the Mysore Pak in a container.
  11. After few hours the Mysore pak turns hard and firm.

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  1. Beautifully done Mysore pak, really looks perfect and love the microwave recipe

  2. Thanks Sai for trying out Mysore Pak 🙂
    Best Regards

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