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Khotto with stepwise pictures

I had posted ‘how to weave Khotto’ recently.But due to some technical issue I could not post this post immediately.Khotto is nothing but idli ‘s steamed in the jackfruit cups.The flavour of the jackfruit  leaves is infused in the steamed dumpling.Khotto is a popular and authentic dish of the  G.S.B’s.It is often prepared during some festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi,,Ugadi etc…The batter is same as of idli.The same batter may be poured in a plate and steamed.
                                                   Back then at my Amma’s place they used to prepare this often on Sunday’s in large quantities as  there were unexpected visitors and this dish would be the saviour.Even now in some household they follow the tradition especially in joint families.But being in  the nuclear family also I follow the Sunday tradition.For perfect Khotto one must use good quality split black gram dal and the batter is advisable to be ground in the grinder for better results.The unique way to relish Khotto is by crumbling them in lots of hinga chutney and enjoying it. Bliss!

Split black gram dal -1 cup
Idli rawa – 2 1/2 cups
Salt – to taste


  1. Soak urad dal for 3 -4 hours.
  2. Wash it well and grind it in the grinder adding water as much as needed.
  3. Dont make the batter thin.
  4. Grind it until fluffy and the batter becomes light.
  5. Wash idli rawa,drain water if any  and mix it with the ground batter.
  6. Ferment it at room temperature overnight.
  7. Next morning add salt to taste and beat the batter well.
  8. Adjust the consistency,it should be of pouring consistency.
  9. Fill the batter in the jackfruit cups.
  10. Steam it for 25 minutes.
  11. Serve it hot with the chutney.

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  1. Looks awesome! And something new to me!

  2. Beautiful post Sangeeta. You just reminded me of this yummy dish, that I have not eaten for ages! Wonder where I will get some khotto leaves… want to make them at home some day 🙂

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