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Melting Moments/Vanilla and chocolate flavour

                                       This is one of the cutest cookies I have ever baked.My kids liked it so much that I had to bake many batches.My daughter complimented me that it tasted just like the Bangalorean famous cookies badamika/chocomika (Anand sweets) and she suggested me to add cocoa powder to give the  chocomika touch and gave me the idea of adding flavour and I followed it.

                                             Coming back to the Icing part I’m still a beginner and I baked these goodies several times on demand and for practicing icing.First I tried to ice with readymade icing gun which was a real mess job,It broke in the middle and I was very disappointed…Then I was left without any option and I had to switch to normal icing using the disposable icing bag and I enjoyed icing to the core with imperfect impressions ofcourse which was improving with my each try and it was looking cute finally.The cookies gets baked very fast so keep an eye while baking and adjust the temperature accordingly.I baked these cookies using both store bought and home made butter…This is ‘no one can eat just one’ cookies.

Recipe adapted from : Divine taste
Serves – 9-10 people
Makes – 48 1/2 ” cookies or 24 round cookies

All purpose flour – 3/4 cup
Cornflour -2 tbsp
Butter -1/2 cup 
Icing sugar -1/2 cup
Vanilla essence -1/4 tsp
Milk -2-3 tsp


  1. Sieve maida and cornflour .
  2. Cream butter and icing sugar together.
  3. Add vanilla essence and mix it.
  4. Add the sieved ingredients.
  5. For chocolate flavour add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder.(optional)
  6. Add milk a tsp at a time.
  7. Preheat the oven at 160 D.c for 10 minutes.
  8. Take a piping bag,use a star nozzle and pipe in the baking tray leaving space in between.
  9. Or ignore adding milk and make round balls,flatten it.
  10. If you are icing, the batter must be of medium flowing consistency.
  11. Bake it in the oven for 9 – 10 minutes.
  12. Keep an eye while the baking procedure is on.
  13. Once done,cool it and store it in an airtight container.

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  1. looks very cute and yumm..

  2. I love this kind of little cookies. The problem is I never stop eating them; for some reason I do stop easier when they are bigger. I’m gonna make them anyway 🙂

  3. No baking powder or soda required? Wow…bookmarking this recipe. ..thnx for sharing and newly following your blog. … 🙂

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