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Corn cheese balls

Corn and cheese is one of the best combination where most of them like to indulge.Corn cheese balls makes an excellent starter and an evening snack.I had large amount of fresh sweet corn kernels in stock and was looking for a good recipe.I found this recipe in Rajshri Foods which was appealing and I gave a try to the earliest.I have also posted a similar recipe  called ‘Potato cheese melts‘ long long back which was also a superhit recipe.This recipe is a keeper.Please follow the tips below the recipe for better result..The measurement of the recipe was not given in the recipe so I have written the approx measurement especially of the batter and the outer covering.The result was very good,it was crisp from outside and cheesy inside with all the ingredients blended well.

Ingredients for the  potato cheese balls:
Boiled potatoes -2,mashed
Boiled American sweetcorn kernel -1 cup
Chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsp
Garlic paste – a small pinch
Chilly flakes -1/2 tsp or to taste
Capsicum -1/4 cup,chopped finely
Crushed oregano – a pinch
Cheese cubes(I used processed) -3,grated
Cornflour – 2 tbsp

For the outer batter:
Maida – 1/2 cup
Water – as much needed to make the batter
Salt – a pinch

For outer coating:
Maida /flour – few tbsp
Breadcrumbs – 1 cup ( or powder 3 slices of bread)


  1. Mix all the ingredients mentioned under the ‘potato cheese balls’ .
  2. Make small bite sized balls and keep it ready.
  3. Add water to the maida and make a medium thick batter .
  4. Keep it ready.

How to proceed:

  1. Dip the potato cheese balls in plain maida and coat it well.
  2. Dip it in the maida batter .
  3. Coat it again in breadcrumbs.
  4. Heat oil and deep fry it in medium flame until light golden brown.
  5. Serve it hot with tomato sauce and green chutney.

My tips:

  1. First make the balls of all the dough and keep it ready.
  2. Secondly coat all the balls in plain flour/maida and keep it ready.
  3. Thirdly dip the coated balls in maida batter using two spoons to avoid mess.
  4. You may also use hands to dip.
  5. Arrange it in a plate.
  6. Now with the clean hand, coat it well in breadcrumbs.
  7. Deep fry in medium flame to avoid burning.
  8. Since breadcrumbs are coated the chances of burning is more so be cautious.(personal experience) .
  9. You may prepare until step 6 and refrigerate it until use and deep fry as and when required.
  10. I tried  frying few balls without dipping in maida batter but coated with dry ingredients,despite that it became soggy.
  11. So follow all the steps mentioned to get a good result.

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