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Thakka Kadi , Maharastrian special

I  learn’t to prepare this dish from my mother in law  and is one of the memorable dish to me .  This is also one of the tastiest and healthiest dish and an easy peasy one . Whenever there is excess buttermilk this can be prepared in a jiffy . You may also dilute curds ,whip and prepare this .  We may temper this kadi with mustard seeds , curry leaves , red chillies and hing or ajwain seeds  or with garlic and red chillies . My daughter likes this very much since she is a buttermilk lover . This is very good for digestion .  I like to have it piping hot in a glass .Goes well with rice too .


Ingredients :

Buttermilk – 3 cups approx

Besan / Chickpea flour – 1 tbsp

To temper :

Oil or ghee – 2 tsp

Garlic – 4 , 5 crushed with the skin

Red chillies – 2 , broken

Salt – to taste


  1. Mix besan  and salt to taste with the buttermilk .
  2. You may also add little water to dilute it .
  3. Take a boil .
  4. If it turns too thick add more water or add besan if it is too thin .
  5. Season it with garlic and red chillies .
  6. You may add a pinch of turmeric powder while seasoning it .
  7. Serve it hot .


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