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How to store Green peas ?

I wanted to make a post on this long back and finally I’m sharing it in the space. But I realized half way while I was preserving the green peas so could click only few pictures. Will edit with better pictures when I do it again. Whenever  green peas is in season or you have in excess or don’t want to use it for immediate use better freeze it for the future use. Comes very handy. You may preserve it for nearly a year. Make the best use of it whenever green peas is in season. You may also gift it to your dear ones. 




Green peas – 2 kg approx

Water – 2 litres

Ziplock bag – to store


  1. Peel green peas and discard unwanted peas.
  2. Wash it well.
  3. Take a broad vessel and add lots of water.
  4. Boil water and add green peas.
  5. Don’t crowd it too much.
  6. Boil until green peas floats on the top.
  7. Dont overcook it, we just have to blanch it.
  8. It may take about 2 minutes.
  9. Switch off the flame and transfer it in a colander.
  10. Run it under cold tap water.
  11. This is done to retain the colour.
  12. You may also add ice water and some ice cubes.
  13. Drain the water completely .
  14. Then transfer it on a clean cloth.
  15. Wipe water if any.
  16. Transfer it in a clean ziplock bag.
  17. Write the storage date with a marker.
  18. Store it in a freezer.




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