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Motichur laddu

Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share the recipe as I was held up back then  also another reason being it  was a detailed post . I had tried a recipe from a popular blog but it failed very badly. Then I came across a recipe from cookingshooking.com which came out perfect. Chef has explained it in detail. I watched the video several times before trying this. We need a lot of practice to make this.  2 volunteers are required  to get a good result. I took Amma’s help to make this. I would want to try this again someday. The taste of the laddu enhanced after a day.

Recipe credit : cookingshooking.com

Besan / Chickpea Flour – 1 Cup / 125 grams [Coarse Variety]
Water – 235 Ml [Or as required to make watery batter]
Kesar Orange Food Color – Few Pinches( I used gel colour)
Ghee – ¼ Tsp + For Frying
Cream of Tartar – 1 Small Pinch [Use 1-2 drop lemon juice/1 pinch citric acid instead]
Rose Water – ½ Tsp
Melon Seeds / Char Magaz – 1 ½ Tbsp (I added pistachios )
Ingredients for the syrup :
Sugar – ⅔ Cups + ¼ Cup / 180 Grams
Water – 90Ml
  1. Take a mixing bowl and add besan, pinch of kesar food colour and 1/4 tsp ghee.
  2. Add water little by little and make a medium thin batter.
  3. Rest the batter for 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes add more water to make a watery batter.
  5. Heat ghee and make boondis.
  6. Take a finest holed boondi maker.
  7. Place a container near the frying pan.
  8. Keep a cloth above it.
  9. The height of the container  should be couple of inches above the pan.
  10. Place the boondi maker over the container, add a ladle of batter(take help),and consistently tap down the handle of boondi maker.
  11. Fry the boondis  by adjusting the flame and take it in a colander.
  12. Don’t overcook the boondis, take it out immediately.
  13. They are as tiny as mustard seeds.
  14. Once done with the batter rest it for 15 minutes.
Method to make syrup and laddu:
  1. Take a pan and add 180g of sugar and 90ml of water.
  2. Add a pinch of kesar food colour, cream of tartar and rose water.
  3. Heat until the sugar melts and switch over to a very low flame.
  4. Or else switch off the flame if it heats up more.
  5. Add the fried boondis in and keep mixing it well.
  6. Cooking these boondis is a tricky step.
  7. It must be cooked just right.
  8. If it is under cooked laddus cannot be formed.
  9. If it is overcooked it will turn hard.
  10. So cook it just right until it starts leaving the sides.
  11. If you have switched off flame switch it on again after 2 minutes and keep on low flame.
  12. Once it starts leaving the sides, switch off the flame, keep it covered for 5- 6 minutes.
  13. Take the mixture out on a plate and spread it.
  14. Add melon seeds and let it cool down completely.
  15. Grease your hands with ghee and make laddus and set it for 4 – 5 hours.


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