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Batata vada/ ambado

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of batata ambado or vada. Batata vada reminds of Madhuri Dixit’s song. It was a popular song of the 90’s.  And while it came to preparing the vada’s, my Mamama would make  the best batata amabado. My aunt has inherited some of her cooking skills and some dish tastes the same as Mamama’s preparation . And one amongst them is Batata vada. Aunt doesn’t add baking soda in the batter since she says it soaks oil. So adding it is optional.

G.S.B’s usually prepare it for evening snack or 10′ o clock coffee break. Now  that “daah gante kaapi” (10.00 a.m coffee snack break) tradition has become kind of extinct . Batata Ambado is often prepared during marriage functions .Some enjoy it for morning breakfast too..   

Recipe credit : Laxmi Padiyar

Ingredients for the stuffing:

Potatoes –  5 big

Green chillies – 4

Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp, chopped

Oil -1 tsp

Mustard seeds – 1tsp

Curry leaves – 2 sprigs, chopped

Hing – 2 pinches

Haldi powder – 2 pinches

Salt – to taste

Ingredients for the batter :

Besan – 2cups

Hing – 1 pinch

Chilly powder – 1/4 tsp approx

Salt- to taste

Water – as much as needed to make the batter

Other ingredients:

Oil – as much as needed to deep fry

Method for the stuffing:

  1. Make a coarse paste of green chillies and coriander leaves.
  2. You may also chop it and add directly in the stuffing.
  3. Splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves and add hing.
  4. Cook the potatoes until rightly cooked or steam cook it.
  5. Once cooked, remove the skin and smash it.
  6. Add salt to taste, paste and the seasoning.
  7. Make round balls and keep it ready.

Method for the batter:

  1. Sieve  besan and add in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add salt to taste, chilly powder and hing.
  3. Add water and make thick batter.

How to make vadas? 

  1. Heat oil, dip the stuffing in the batter.
  2. See that it is coated well.
  3. Drop it gently in the hot oil.
  4. You may drop 3 to 4 vadas in the oil depending on the quantity of the oil.
  5. Do not overload the vadas.
  6. Lower the flame and fry it until done.
  7. Always turn the flame high while you take the vada’s out.
  8. Adjust the flame and make vadas until it turns golden brown.
  9. Serve it hot.

My notes:

  • You may also add chopped ginger and onions in the stuffing.
  • You may also saute the stuffing mixture.
  • If you prefer to add baking soda then add 1/2 tsp to the batter.


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