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Thai spring roll

Hello dear readers! Today I’m on blogging spree. I’m digging my folders to find the pictures which I missed sharing the recipes in the space. And there are many to share. Before the picture gets buried deep inside I want to share the recipe’s to the earliest. Thai spring roll is also called as fresh Vietnamese spring roll. I hadn’t shared the recipe because I had not liked the pictures then. But today I thought I will share it and replace the pictures when I take good one’s again. I learn’t to make this from my sister Durga Nayak some years back and have made it countless times since then. This is our favourite at home and very simple to make. I can eat this any number and most importantly healthy too and even help my teeth health but I also visit an ortho dentist every 6 months for this. I have made the vegetarian version but you may make filling of your choice.

Recipe credit : Durga Nayak


Rice sheets – 1 pack

Cucumber – 1 shredded thinly

Carrot -1 shredded thinly

Boiled rice noodles – 1 cup

Capsicum – shredded thinly

Peanut butter – 1 tbsp

Sugar – pinch

Chilly flakes – 2 pinches

Cold water – 1 bowl, to dip the rice sheets

Kitchen towel- 1 , damp


  1. Mix all the vegetables  and rice noodles together.
  2. Add salt to taste, peanut butter, pinch of sugar and chilly flakes.
  3. You may add seasonings of your choice .
  4. Take 1 rice sheet, dip it in cold water  for few seconds until it turns soft.
  5. Transfer it on a kitchen towel.
  6. Arrange the vegetable mix.
  7. Roll the sheet.
  8. Refrigerate and serve it with thai chilly sauce.

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