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Jain Avare Koddel

Hello dear readers! Today I will share another traditional dish of g.s.b’s . It is called as “Jain Avare Koddel”. Anything that is seasoned with garlic is called as “Koddel” in Konkani. Jain Avaro is kind of white bean. It is easily available in Mangalore. The white bean has a  sprout like thing over the side. I will share the picture of the bean soon(edited). Normally Koddel is combined with tender jackfruit pieces during the season.


Jain Avaro – 1 cup

Garlic – 8 – 10 , smashed with the skin

Coconut oil – 1tbsp approx

Cooked raw Jackfruit pieces/Kadgi  – 1 cup (steam it until cooked)

Salt – to taste

Ingredients for the masala:

Grated coconut – 2 cups

Roasted short red chillies – 4

Roasted byadgi chillies – 3

Tamarind – 2 pinches *


  1. Soak Jain avaro overnight.
  2. Next morning cook it in enough water for 3 whistles and lower the flame for 15 minutes.
  3. Cook it until done.
  4. Once cooked add salt to taste and take a boil.
  5. Keep it aside.
  6. Steam cook the kadgi/jack pieces separately until cooked.
  7. Add salt to taste once cooked.
  8. Add it to the cooked Avaro.
  9. Grind all the ingredients mentioned to a fine paste/ masala.
  10. Mix masala, masala water, cooked avaro and kadgi together.
  11. Add water and adjust the consistency.
  12. Keep it medium thin.
  13. Take a good boil and check the salt.
  14. Heat coconut oil in a seasoning pan and roast the smashed garlic until brown in colour.
  15. Season it to the dish and close the lid immediately.
  16. Serve it hot with rice.

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