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Gujarati Khadi, #2

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of Gujarati khadi.The recipe was shared with me by my sister Shanta Nayak. She says that she tasted this khadi  back in U.A.E. It was served with green moong . Every weekend they would eat out at a small Gujarati cafeteria just to have this humble khadi served with other Gujarati delicacies. ... Read More »

Strawberry Punch

Today is Holi and I did not have a special post to post  today . So to make it special I thought of posting strawberry punch  . This is  a  very simple preparation and refreshing drink  to quench the summer thirst . I find Strawberry is one of the cutest fruit on earth and is apt for the occasion as ... Read More »


This drink is often distributed in the temples during  festive occasions.In Mangalore,it is distributed during car festival on “Okkolu”(Holi) day.The Paanak distribution on that day was started my Mamama’s Father,that is my maternal Great Grandfather and is still continued to this day….We also get the ready to use sypup in some of the shops here and is a very popular ... Read More »

Watermelon juice

This is one of the easy peasy recipe.With summer at its peak this juice can be a great rescuer.All I can think is juice,juice and only juice.So have this refreshing drink to quench your thirst. Ingredients:Water melon cubes-3-4 cups,deseededSugar-2-3 tbsp approxIce cubes-2 to garnish Method: Add sugar and water melon in the blender and blend it for few minutes. Serve ... Read More »

Lemon syrup/ Lemonade

Lime juice is my all time favourite juice and I wouldn’t mind to have it daily.My kids have overtaken me and are a great fan.So on public demand I prepare the lime syrup often during summer.It is so handy when an unexpected guest arrives,all you have to do is mix the syrup with water.It also goes well soda with a dash of ... Read More »

Aam ka panna

Aam ka panna is a popular drink of Maharastrians. I was first exposed to this drink on my daughter’s first birthday in Mumbai.My sister in law had prepared this for the guests which became a super hit.With scorching heat of summer and mangoes in season,this is the best drink to quench the thirst.But the twist here is, raw mangoes are used in ... Read More »


As a kid Amma used to prepare lassi for my sake as I wasn’t consuming curds or any milk products in  direct form..I have also tasted flavoured  lassi like mango,strawberry,Kesar etc.All you have to do is dump in few slices of fruit while blending which is very healthy.Few years back I had lassi in Mumbai with loads of dry fruits,kesar ... Read More »

Thandai(Holi special)

Holi is a festival of colours.Who doesn’t like this season when it brings so much of joy and happiness around as the season itself is so gay.Holi is also called as the Spring festival.It is celebrated in the month of March .I still remember my first holi after my marriage which I celebrated in Mumbai which is very memorable to ... Read More »

Cashew juice

Summer has already hit Mangalore and it is damn hot hot weather here.Truly the heat is unbearable.To beat the heat best is to have home made juice.Cashew fruit is easily available in Mangalore and this batch I prepared this tasty  juice.Cashew or Kaju is often found in Kerala,Goa,Karnataka and Maharastra.The tender nut of the fruit is also used  which is ... Read More »

Masala Buttermilk

This is a very simple recipe yet a tasty one. Santoshi prepares this daily at their Amma’s place and I enjoy it thoroughly. Remember,I had posted masala chaas during my initial days of blogging.This is very good for digestion and most important is we don’t add green chilly in this buttermilk.You may add green chillies if you like it to ... Read More »