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Urad mooga dali polo/dosa

This is an authentic recipe of the g.s.b’s  called as urad mooga dali polo . Urad dal is split black gram and mooga dali is split green gram.   We actually pronounce as    ‘ Udidu mooga dali polo’.. Amma prepares this dosa often . There was a time I would run by hearing the name of this dosa but ... Read More »


Pundi is another version of our very own  Undi/ Oondi. But this is prepared without coconut. This is a all time favourite at our place especially kids love this very much. The preparation is very simple . December is one of my favourite month of the year as I love Christmas and baking . I had thought of sharing a ... Read More »

Instant poha Idli

I have prepared this idli number of times that I have lost the count. I had thought I had already shared the recipe in the space. I realized it recently when I put the recipe in search and could not find it. And finally found the pictures in the folder and I thought of sharing this jhatpat recipe as soon ... Read More »

Godu Appo

Today is the first day of the Shravan month and is an auspicious month for Hindus. G.S.B  ladies perform Puja on Friday and Sunday by making a special type of tiny flower bouquet and offer it to the lord and exchange it with the married ladies. Coming back to the dish I prepared this Appo sometime back for my Saibaba rwath. ... Read More »

Cream cheese sandwich

This is a cold sandwich and can be prepared in a short span . My sister taught us to prepare this and it became a superhit at our place . This makes a great kids party snack or evening snacks. I had shared this recipe with my friend Shree and it became a superhit at her place too . Coming ... Read More »

Sabudana Appo

After sweet and starter recipe now its time for breakfast time. I have many pictures lying in the folders and got to share wide range of recipes. Sabudana Appo is one among them and it is a healthy breakfast dish, something new and interesting . Do try this recipe and let me know your views. Until then stay tuned for ... Read More »

Spinach corn cheese toast

Today is the first day of  my favourite month December . I have already soaked the fruits for the Christmas cake . Baking is my passion and learning is a never ending process . Coming back to the recipe this toast is one of my personal favourite and it would have been unfair if I wouldn’t have shared the recipe in the space . ... Read More »

Shevai , Konkani special

Shevai is nothing but string hoppers or Idiyappam of Kerala and Tamil Nadu . This is one of the post that got buried and I was searching it desperately in the published posts because I  believed that I had already drafted it . Finally I found the pictures in one of the folder and I thought of sharing it to the earliest . Shevai ... Read More »

Cheesy bread delight

Hello dear readers ! We just finished celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival in a traditional and grand manner with most of our family members around . Coming out of the festive mood September  is again a busy month with sons exams around the corner . But in leisure blogging is a real stress buster . Today I’m gonna share a recipe of cheesy bread delight ... Read More »

Cheesy discs with stepwise pictures

Hello dear readers ! I’m back after a short break . Just today my technical issue got fixed and I thought of sharing an interesting recipe to make a start . But the frequent power cuts is turning me crazy .Coming back to this recipe I tried it sometime back and it came out excellent . Procedure may look lengthy but ... Read More »