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Vermicelli pulav

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share a quick recipe which one can prepare as the breakfast or as a snack for the instant hunger . Vermicelli pulav has been my favourite since years and is also one of the favourite snack of my daughter Sanju . This is my own recipe and I prepare with different variations ... Read More »

Paper Dosa

G.S.B ‘s  love  ‘polo’ (Dosa)  for breakfast . Dosa’s makes a very filling breakfast . I keep hunting for interesting dosa recipe’s and whenever I find one I don’t miss a chance to try  it out . It makes a great tiffin recipe too . Best goes with coconut chutney . This time I adapted the recipe from Shobhana Aunty’s blog ... Read More »

Chapathi white curry

‘Chapathi white curry’ or ‘Chapathi Dave Randai ‘ is a curry prepared as  a combination with chapathi.This is my Aayis recipe which she had borrowed from her Bombay sister.She has been preparing this since the time we were kids and I used to dislike it as most often kids do.But presently it is one of my favourite curry and my ... Read More »

Kulitha Idli /Kultha ramdan

This is a popular G.S.B breakfast  and is commonly prepared in most of the G.S.B household.My Mamama  used to prepare this on  most of the Sunday’s and would make it a point to give some to me and Amma.And the same tradition is continued by my aunt even now and she too has the same magic in her hands just ... Read More »

Bhatura with Aaloo ki bhaji

This is the 3rd Bhatura recipe in the space.I had prepared this during summer vacation with a combination of Aaloo ki bhaji which pepped up well .Bhatura should always be relished piping hot right from the frying pan.Though it is deep fried it is fine to have once in a while.I adapted the Bhature recipe from vegrecipesofindia and Aaloo ki ... Read More »

Aappam,Kerala Special

Its ‘Dosa festival’ in ‘Geeths Dawath’ and I’m enjoying posting different varieties of dosa.Today’s dosa is Aappam with a different version.I have tried various versions of Aappam and have posted 2 versions earlier.This time I adapted the recipe from ‘Oggarane Dabbi’,a Kannada cookery show by Chef Suchitra which was telecasted yesterday.                     ... Read More »

Pesarattu /Onion Pesarattu with red chutney

I first tasted Pesarattu in my relative’s house may be 15- 16 years back and I liked it so much I would prepare it often.One fine day for the reasons unknown  I stopped preparing it and had forgotten about it completely.Yesterday while I was watching the cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ this recipe was demonstrated and I decided to prepare it ... Read More »

Davangere Benne Masala Dosa

I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ which was telecasted yesterday noon. I like the recipes  of Chef Suchitra as it gives me a good result.The recipe was so tempting that I soaked the ingredients immediately once the show was done .G.S.B’s are very fond of Dosa’s and I like to try new varieties.The dosa looked crisp ... Read More »

Amritsari Chole /Chole

This is the second Chole recipe in the space.Chole Bhature is always my favourite dish and my kids also love it to the core.I followed my regular recipe with slight additions which I adapted from Santoshi Nayak plus modified it as per my needs..This aromatic chole compliments well with Bhature.I will be posting both the  dishes together but will be ... Read More »