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Poha chutney with green chillies

This is again a popular Konkani dish which makes a great breakfast or an evening snack. Amma used to prepare this whenever I would be hungry after coming back from school or college as it was very easy to prepare.It is best prepared with fresh tender grated coconut.This is sweet and spicy to taste.You may adjust the sweetness and spiciness according to your taste.Below ... Read More »

Tiranga Dhokla,Republic Day special

26 th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India every year.On this special day I wanted to cook something tricoloured which matches our Indian flag.I had planned to prepare this tricoloured dhokla 2 years back but somehow could not make it. Our flag consists of 3 colours where Saffron symbolizes courage and sacrifice,white stands for peace and purity and ... Read More »

Burma Toast

Yesterday evening when I logged in to browse for some interesting Breakfast recipes for next day’s today’s breakfast this toast was very eye catchy.My friend Aparna Kamath had posted this and I heard her explaining about this dish many times before.Her step by step pictures helped me a lot in understanding the procedure.It was so irresistible that I  prepared it immediately for dinner ... Read More »

Varai Usli

Varai is a kind of  grain/millet or broken rawa and is consumed often during fasting. Varai Idli or Khotto are the common dishes prepared during festivals. Varai  is  also known  as  Samo rice / Kodo millet. It is a  good source of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.                               ... Read More »

Taj Mahal style theek rotti,Mangalorean Speciality

Taj Mahal is one of the popular restaurant in Mangalore. I have mentioned the name in my earlier posts too.It is a kind of tradition in Mangalore where men have their one round of early morning breakfast in the restaurant followed by evening snacks where they also meet their friends there and have good time talking and eating tasty snacks.And theek rotti or spicy ... Read More »

Masala Aloo on Toast

Planning for the next day menu is always a question in my mind every night.So when I was browsing for something different and easy recipe,I spotted this recipe in my friend Aparna Kamaths blog.And I decided  to prepare the same for Saturday breakfast.The toast tasted very well …..The original recipe is from Sanjeev Kapoor’s blog.I modified the recipe as per ... Read More »

Pumpkin idli/Muddo

I never knew we could prepare pumpkin muddo/idli until few days back until recently I saw many members posting it in food groups.Two days back this particular recipe fell into my eyes when Jayashri Baleri posted it in a food group and I was tempted to try it to the earliest.Yesterday I tried it and it was liked by all ... Read More »

Breada Usli/Upkari

Breada usli/Upkari is  often prepared as an  evening snack  whenever there is leftover bread.But I prepare it for morning breakfast also as it is everyone’s favourite at our place.This is a quick fix to satisfy the hungry tummies.This is one of my favourite snack and the best part of this is I enjoy picking the seasonings to eat especially the ... Read More »

Rulava Idli

Rulava idli is a idli prepared with Bombay Rawa.This is a popular G.S.B dish prepared during fasting.This idli is very soft and goes well with chutney. My Amma steams the Bombay rawa in the steamer instead of roasting it so does my F.b friend Vinatha Padma Shenoy who says idlis turn soft due to this method.You may follow any method. I ... Read More »

Moodo/Mude,with stepwise pictures, A Mangalorean Speciality

Moodo or Moode is a steamed dumpling which belongs to the idli family.Here, same idli batter is used to prepare the  dish which is filled in a specially prepared spirally wound leaf known as kedige or screw pine leaf.The final product  tastes so good and  the aroma of the screw pine leaf is infused very well .In Mangalore,it is often ... Read More »