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Vegetable rulam

Vegetable rulam or rulav is  vegetable upma with loads of vegetables for a healthy breakfast.This rulam is very colorful and eye pleasing.Even kids will relish this without any complaints. Khandwa suji is  the main ingredient in this dish which is nothing but coarse semolina.You may eat it  with any savories like mixture,sev or even with the curds.I learn’t this rulam preparation from my mother in law ... Read More »

Rawa Idli

Rawa idli is a South Indian breakfast dish made with fine semolina.It is a specialty of Karnataka.Rawa idli was my childhood favorite breakfast dish.We used to enjoy eating it with garam masala gravies.This recipe is of my sister in law Santoshi who cooks very good South Indian delicacies. Ingredients: Bombay rava(fine semolina of suji)- 1 1/2 cups Curds- 1/2 l ... Read More »