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Lal murgi

I had prepared this dish long back.I adapted this recipe from Nita mehta’s book after my friend Aparna Kamath had tried it and suggested me to try.This dish has a lovely colour and tastes very good.I prepared green peas pulav as an accompaniment with this dish.Lal means colour red and murgi means chicken or red chicken as in English.This dish ... Read More »

Chicken Sukkha/Kori Ajadina

Chicken Sukkha is a popular Mangalorean Bunt cuisine. My blog would have been incomplete if I would  not have shared this recipe. Few days back my FB friend  Nandini Kini  had posted this yummy recipe in a food group and it looked so inviting I wanted to try it right away. This dish takes me back to my childhood days . I ... Read More »

Chicken Ghee roast

Chicken ghee roast is a favourite dish  at our place.There are various recipes of this sizzling dish.This time I adapted this recipe from Kudpiraj’s Garam tawa .The original recipe was of Prawn ghee roast.The result was top.Received a thumbs up from my people.My son gorged it thoroughly.I had prepared prawn ghee roast long back,much before blogging.Recipe adapted from:Kudpiraj’s Garam Tawa ... Read More »

Pepper chicken

This recipe, again takes me back to my childhood days.This is one of the recipe which I would cook often.I adapted this recipe from my best friend’s Mom,Poornima aunty.Yes she is the first person who shared the recipe of the famous chicken dum biryani and the second recipe is this which I continue to cook even now.This is one of ... Read More »

Chicken chettinad 2

This is the second recipe of ‘Chicken Chettinad’ in the space which is almost similar to Kudupi maam’s recipe which I had shared yesterday. I’ve been following this recipe since many years. This is the recipe of Sanjeev Kapoor which we modified slightly. I found this picture in one of my old folder. Even the slight change in the recipe enhances the ... Read More »

Chicken chettinad

I adapted this recipe from my friend Kudupi raj maams blog.Well I had thought I had already posted this in my blog and today I found that I didn’t.  I usually prepare Sanjeev Kapoors recipe but this recipe of Maam looked so interesting and tempting I had to try this and it was  truly mindblowing.I had first tasted this dish in Calicut  in ... Read More »

Chicken korma

I have  very fond memories with this Chicken Korma.This is the very first chicken dish which I ever tasted in my life prepared by my Amma s elder sister when I was in 7th Std.Those were the days where my Ajja used to never allow us to prepare chicken in the house since it was a taboo those days,but were ... Read More »

Chicken 65

There was a time when I used to live on chicken,and Chicken 65 was one of my  favorite  dish after chicken ghee roast.I used to really hog on it.But now it is just the opposite I only cook for my family but don’t hog.Tastes varies with the  time.Wiki says it a South Indian, especially Chennai bar starter,which is spicy in ... Read More »

Pahadi palak chicken

Palak chicken is B’s one of the signature dish.He used all the  fresh paste and spices  to prepare the curry.Palak means spinach.I have already posted Dahi kadi with palak bhajias few days back and mentioned about its benefits…Coming back to the dish B kept the gravy little thin,but I suggested it to be kept as  medium thick.Only help I did while preparing ... Read More »

Murg malai tikka

I had prepared these creamy  tikkas few months back ,much before I started blogging.But since it tasted very tasty I thought of sharing it with you’ll. Of course the picture  is not great since I wasn’t serious about photography then,used to randomly shoot pics.Will update the pics when I prepare it again.This tikka is ofcourse very high in calories with cheese,butter and cream.It is ... Read More »