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Lasuni Palak Dal

Garlic is one of my favourite flavour . I just love its taste and aroma . It has many health benefits too . And when it pairs with palak it is power packed with healthy nutrients .  Today someone asked me what food I dislike . And I burst out laughing  .  After all I’m a foodie and a food blogger . Coming back to ... Read More »

Dal Fry

This is one of the commonly prepared dal at our place prepared with slight variations each time.This is one of the tastiest dal which goes well with chapathi,puri,jeera rice,dosa etc.Dal fry is also one of the comfort food.At times I prepare this only with tur dal and sometimes with mixed lentils like chana dal,moong dal,masoor dal etc.Again ,I had shot ... Read More »

Palak Dal

There are days when I absolutely go blank on what to cook for the day’s menu.Especially when  there are minimum vegetables in the fridge or if it is overloaded also.Does it happen with you’ll?So few days back on one such day I prepared Palak dal where I just went on preparing and the outcome was good.This not only makes a ... Read More »

Sindhi Dal

Sindhi dal or Sindhi Dal /Pakwan is a popular Sindhi dish and I had prepared this for breakfast few days back.Everybody in the house liked it very much and the dish looked very healthy.Sindhi dal is served with the Pakwans which is nothing but Puri,but in Sindhi style.Sindhi dal is incomplete without Pakwans.I referred many recipes and adapted this. For ... Read More »