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Suji ke kheer

I borrowed this recipe from my facebook friend Mrs Suphala Shenoy when she had posted this yummy dessert in a food group.I prepared this dessert on few occasions and this time I prepared it on Holi to celebrate the festival of colours…Friends I’m also happy to announce that my first ever interview has been published  here .Please check it friends.I thank ... Read More »

Vanilla bean panna cotta(eggless)

I first came across panna cotta when I watched Joey Mathew’s show last year.It looked so yummy,I was very tempted to eat it,but the thought of gelatine put me off and was disappointed as agar agar or china grass wasn’t available at our place.Then one day surprisingly I got the china grass sheets at the Nilgiris super market when I ... Read More »

Strawberry cheese cake(Valentine Special)

February month is a month of Love,it is most commonly remembered for Valentines day.Saint Valentines day is commonly known as Valentines day.Recently it is becoming famous in India too.Valentines day  reminds me of Candle light dinner,romantic  music at the background with a quiet dinner followed by a  yummy dessert.And dessert reminds me of cheese cake and since strawberry is in ... Read More »

Vermicelli kheer

This Kheer was my childhood favourite kheer and still remains to be. It is most popularly known as Seviyan kheer in India.It is commonly prepared during festivals or any occasions like weddings,birthdays etc.This time I prepared it on my daughters demand,and why not?, if the kids doesn’t like to have milk directly, this is the best way to consume with the goodness of dry ... Read More »

Carrot custard

Carrot custard is a yummy custard.I first tasted this at my workplace when we had potluck party and my colleague had prepared and brought this.I immediately took the recipe from her and ever since that day I’ve been preparing it.I found this picture in one of  my folder and thought of sharing the recipe. Ingredients: Carrots-3,grated Milk- 1 1/2 ltr milk Sugar-1/2 ... Read More »

Ghar dudde halwa

Ghar dudde halwa is milk gourd or Bottle gourd halwa. It is a common dessert served in GSB functions like engagements,wedding breakfast,birthday party etc.Milkgourd is most commonly found in India and is said to be a low costing vegetable.It has enormous medicinal benefits also.Best consumed during Jaundice.My amma had given maximum of this vegetable when I had a jaundice attack in the ... Read More »

Moong dal sheera/halwa

Moong dal Sheera/halwa was again prepared for the theme fest in a fb food group where we were given a common recipe.I prepared this recipe for the first time and the taste was awesome.I prepared both halwa and sheera. This halwa is a delicacy of Rajasthan. I tasted this halwa in Rajasthani thalis and is one of my favorite halwa. There is a  Konkani version of ... Read More »

Strawberry phirni

Winter time,strawberry season has hit the market again.I was longing for the strawberries and finally my son  came with a box of it yesterday and I was very happy to see it,not that I love the fruit but I just admire its beauty and color,since red is my favorite color.And they were luscious and juicy ones.Few years back we used to get ... Read More »

Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa!yummmmmmmmmmm,that’s my first impression.Yes,a very simple Indian dessert prepared during festive season,but I don’t need any  reason to prepare  this delectable dessert only during occasions,for me anytime whenever I crave for it is a feast.And friends my blog looks incomplete without this beauty.I remember the time when I used to relish this sweety when my amma used to ... Read More »

Shahi tukda

Diwali is almost nearing and I’m in the festival mood to cook all authentic delicacies for the festival. Shahi tukda is also known  as Double ka meetha ,which is a Hyderabadi dessert.Double ka meetha means milk bread  soaked in sugar syrup. Shahi tukda is a very famous dessert in the Mughlai cuisine.Usually the slices of the bread are cut into triangles.This dessert is rich and fully loaded with ... Read More »