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Mushti polo 3

Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Yes, this is the third recipe in the space and more to come.This time I tried my neighbour Vidya akka’s recipe adding ‘charmuri’ i.e puffed rice. Mushti polo compliments well with red chutney and my favourite too. Mushti means fist and polo means dosa..Stay ... Read More »

Tamil style Aappams

Aappams is one of my favourite dosa . And I keep hunting for interesting aappam recipes. This time I found this recipe in my friend Niyas blog. It came out very good and  complimented well with Vegetable stew.Today is my late Papa’s birthday and he used to like Aappam and stew very much . So I thought of sharing this ... Read More »

Urad and Mooga polo

Some days back when I was asking  Amma the recipe of Urad mooga dali polo my aunt who was present there shared the recipe of urad and  mooga polo. This dosa is equally tasty and healthy. Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s . I never get tired of trying new recipe’s .  I first had planned to combine this recipe ... Read More »

Urad mooga dali polo/dosa

This is an authentic recipe of the g.s.b’s  called as urad mooga dali polo . Urad dal is split black gram and mooga dali is split green gram.   We actually pronounce as    ‘ Udidu mooga dali polo’.. Amma prepares this dosa often . There was a time I would run by hearing the name of this dosa but ... Read More »

Mushti polo 2

This is the second recipe of Mushti polo in the space and is one of my personal favourite too. Even the kids love it very much that I prepare it atleast once a week these days. This dosa is a keeper. Amma gave me the recipe and I love her traditional recipes anytime. The dosa comes out very light and ... Read More »

Paper Dosa

G.S.B ‘s  love  ‘polo’ (Dosa)  for breakfast . Dosa’s makes a very filling breakfast . I keep hunting for interesting dosa recipe’s and whenever I find one I don’t miss a chance to try  it out . It makes a great tiffin recipe too . Best goes with coconut chutney . This time I adapted the recipe from Shobhana Aunty’s blog ... Read More »

Cheppi Surnali

Cheppi Surnali /Godi surnali is specially prepared on tulsi pooja.I wanted to post this long time back but could not make it somehow.I have already posted the sweet version of this dosa sometime back.The recipe goes same but  only thing is we have to ignore adding jaggery.I adapted the recipe from my Amma.   Ingredients: Rice – 2 cups Beaten rice – fistful ... Read More »

Heerekayi Dose /Heerekayi Pathrode /Ridgegourd spicy dosa

I never ever had imagined one could prepare the dosa with the ridgegourd.A year back I had seen the pictures in food groups and Santoshi had prepared it.Unfortunately I could not taste it and it was totally forgotten and I had no idea of the preparation.Few days back I saw this recipe in a cookery show which was telecasted in ... Read More »

Surnali / Sweet Pancake in G.S.B style

         Surnali is a pancake in Konkani style and is prepared in almost every G.S.B household.It is specially prepared on ‘Tulsi puja ‘ as a tradition .This post was pending since a long time and I had shot pictures 3-4 times when I had prepared the same…This dosa was my childhood favourite  or the only dosa which ... Read More »

Ragi Rawa Dosa / Fingermillet Dosa

Hello dear readers! . Today I am going to share a healthy dosa recipe called as ‘Ragi rawa dosa’ ..Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s and there are countless recipes . Ragi is nothing but finger millet and is very good  for health. Santoshi prepares the best rawa dosa and no one can beat her. I just love it. Thank you Santoshi ... Read More »