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Tuppa dosa/Ghee dosa, #2

I had prepared this dosa sometime back and found this today in the album.This is the second tuppa dosa or ghee dosa in the space. Normally these dosa’s are spread thick, but since my folks like thin  dosa I spread it as per their needs. Refer  the first tuppa dosa post here. Recipe credit:  Kinis Kitchen Ingredients: Urad dhal- 1 cup ... Read More »

Pizza Dosa/Benne Dosa

Pizza dosa or Benne dosa is one of the tastiest dosa I ever had during the recent times.Benne dosa is popularly known as Davangere Benne dosa.Well,I tasted this at Amma’s place prepared by Santoshi. Santoshi has a great choice when it comes to  finding out new recipes.This is one of the highly recommended dosa to be tried.The main flavour of this dish ... Read More »

Mushti polo,Fist dosa

Well, Mushti means fist and this is fist dosa. Honestly I do not know the reason why the name.But I guess in olden days our ancestors must have used their fist to soak the measure of the  dosa ingredients and so the name.Usually this dosa is roasted on only one side.But my kids like crispy dosa’s so I roast it  on both the sides.I ... Read More »

Maida Panha Polo,Seasoned dosa

This dosa is a seasoned maida dosa with a sweet and spicy combination.This is my husbands favourite dosa and I prepare it often.Goes well with homemade butter.This dosa specially doesn’t need chutney to dip as it has all the taste infused and can be eaten just like that.I prefer the dosa to be sweetish and spicy so  I adjust as per our ... Read More »

Set dosa

I had tasted set dosa several times in South Indian restaurants as a kid.I used to find it very difficult to finish the whole set, as set dosa is always served in a set of 3 dosa’s.Set dosa sets well in our stomach too,yes it is  a very filling breakfast.I adopted this recipe from Anjana ji’s blog.The minute she has ... Read More »

Pejje polo

Pejje polo is a dosa and I was recently introduced to it. Heard it is a popular breakfast in the places of Karkal and Bantwal.I prepared it for the first time and liked it very much.I adapted this recipe from my friend Nisha Baliga Shenoy and got inspired to prepare it from my friend Pallavi Nayak.This is a concrete breakfast ... Read More »

Masala Dosa in Kudpi Maam’s style with stepwise pictures

Masala dosa is a favourite breakfast of almost every  South Indian. There are many versions of Masala dosa’s. This time I tried Kudpimaam’s version. For bhaji and chutney I followed my own recipe and for dosa measurement I followed maam’s recipe.The dosa became very crisp just as the way we love. This was our last week’s Sunday special breakfast . ... Read More »

Rulama bhakri/Sajjige rotti

Rulama bhakri is a popular breakfast of the GSB’s.It is also known as Sajjige rotti and is a famous Mangalorean dish too.There are few variations in the recipe.At times I add grated cucumber or chopped onion.This is one of my favourite dosa.This is a thick dosa which can be relished with the home made butter.I like to eat  just like ... Read More »

Madhurai malli dosa

“Madhurai malli dosa”when the name itself is so beautiful, no doubt about the taste too,it tastes absolutely The Best.As I had mentioned in my Taj mahal rotti post that I will be posting recipes of Shyamala Kini akka as and when I prepare the same,this is one of her signature dosa dish.This dosa is one of the best dosa I ... Read More »

Crispy chutney dosa

I adapted this recipe from Santoshi where the original recipe is of  nothing but Masala dosa. But  the twist here is,I smeared only a layer of Masala Dosa Garlic chutney on  the dosa which tasted truly good.This dosa comes out paper crispy.This dosa makes the best breakfast.You may serve it with chutney,gravy or sambhar.I love crispy dosa’s.Do you? Ingredients to be ... Read More »