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Tuppa dosa(Ghee dosa), #1

Dosa is a common breakfast  of the  GSB community.We, G.S.B’s prepare varieties of dosa and I can say we are experts . Dosa is best served with Chutney or sambhar. Even leftover curries will be the best accompaniment. At my Amma ‘s place dosa s are prepared very often. As a kid I used to dislike dosa ,but now after marriage when ... Read More »

Paper masala dosa

We,GSB’s  have many variations of Masala dosa. This time I used the batter of paper dosa. I adapted the recipe from my FB friend Preethi Mukesh.I had handwritten it long back and found it when I was browsing my book and I thought of trying it.It came out crisp and perfect.I will add different recipes of dosa batter of Masala dosa as ... Read More »

Instant uttappam

Test ,test,test,well my sons test is on and I’m super duper busy teaching myself,him. I have started digging my old foody albums  which I have a  lot of collection though not fantastic shots.My day is incomplete without posting in my blog, atleast alternate day I have to post.So today I’m sharing with you’ll a super fantastic and a quick dosa  recipe of Instant uttappam,and the recipe ... Read More »

Thavare idli(A keralite Dosa)

The name goes as Thavare idli,but I can neither see thavare that is lotus nor   idli. Well, honestly I do not the know why the name.This recipe was passed from  my granny’s bros wife S. Aayi (granny) said that S’s family has been preparing it since a long ,long time,may be it is their family dish from Kerala.It was told to me that this ... Read More »

Paan Polo (Neer Dosa)

Paan polo or Neer dosa is a Mangalorean Delicacy.It is prepared in most of the households in Mangalore.In konkani it is called as Paan Polo.Paan means leaf and polo means dosa which means as light as a leaf.Neer dosa or water dosa is very soft and very light.It is normally served with grated coconut and jaggery mixture,Ravo (jaggery syrup) or ... Read More »