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Jain Avare Koddel

Hello dear readers! Today I will share another traditional dish of g.s.b’s . It is called as “Jain Avare Koddel”. Anything that is seasoned with garlic is called as “Koddel” in Konkani. Jain Avaro is kind of white bean. It is easily available in Mangalore. The white bean has a  sprout like thing over the side. I will share the ... Read More »

Bhajji Amshi / Red Amaranth leaves curry

Hello dear readers! Today I will share garlic flavoured red Amaranth leaves curry . This is a traditional g.s.b dish . We may also season this dish with mustard seeds and curry leaves.. I have so many pictures lying in the folders that I need to dig a lot. Yesterday I found the pictures of this curry and I thought ... Read More »

Baby potato song

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share the recipe of Baby potato song. Once during my visit to uncle’s place I tasted this dish prepared by his daughter in law . And it tasted just wow. Since I liked the dish I borrowed the recipe from Sriya and prepared it the next day. This dish goes well with dhali ... Read More »

Sabasige soppu upkari / Dill leaves sabzi

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share one of the healthy recipe called as “Sabasige soppu upkari” . Sabasige soppu means Dill leaves. This green is very healthy especially  post delivery . It purifies and fills the blood. The greens resemble like tender coriander leaves and is one of my personal favourite. It has a distinct smell which some dislike but ... Read More »

Tendle Buthi

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a traditional g.s.b dish called as Tendle buthi. Tendle means Ivy gourd. This dish is flavoured with garlic. Amma prepares this often and adds loads of garlic. Best accompaniment with this dish is “Dhali thoy ” served with rice. These are some of the treasured recipes.   Ingredients: Ivy gourds – 1/2 k.g ... Read More »

Nendrabale Kele Phodi/ Kerala Banana fritters

Hello dear readers! Happy Ugadi/ Yugadi for all those who celebrating ! Today is the new year of the g.s.b Konkani’s . We call this day as “Samsaar Padva”. Today’s day we prepare  many traditional dishes.There are many other rituals too which I will share when I get to know. Technically it is my birthday too. Yes, I was born ... Read More »

Instant cabbage ambado

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an easy peasy recipe of cabbage ambado. I found this picture today in one of my folders. Ambado means fritters.This goes well with the main course or can be had as a starter too. Back then Amma and Aayi used it prepare this often for lunch. This is an instant method. You may ... Read More »

Kooka upkari , Chinese potato stir fry

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Kooka upkari in g.s.b style. Kooka means Chinese potato. We use it in Ghashi’s,Koddel’s and prepare many other dishes.This is a simple dish and is prepared like any other upkari. Main work is cleaning the Kooka. It takes a whole lot of time. But there are techniques to ... Read More »

Bhenda Kismuri

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an easy peasy recipe called Bhenda kismuri. Bhend means Ladys finger or Okra. Whenever there is excess Bhend in the fridge we may prepare this or can be prepared just like that. Recently my sister Durga Nayak had posted this dish in her insta page and I was tempted to try it. ... Read More »

Kananga Phodi/ Sweet potato fritters

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a short break. Today I will share a very simple recipe of sweet potato fritters which is pan fried or tawa fried. This goes well with the main course or as a snack. The recipe is very simple just like any other phodis. Ingredients: Sweet potato – 1 Chilly powder – 2 tsp or ... Read More »