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Ponsa Idli / Jackfruit idli /Ponsa Muddo

Ponsa idli or jackfruit idli is a sweet idli prepared often during summer and monsoon  during the jackfruit season . Though it contains loads of calories , Amma says all seasonal fruits and vegetables must be consumed atleast in small quantities as it has its own benefits  . Amma prepares the jackfruit conserve with jaggery and stores it throughout the year ... Read More »

Tingalavare Kolombo / Navy beans sambhar

This is the first post of July month . I just now realized that I have  many posts to share and there are countless pictures  lying in the folders . Some of the interesting posts that I will be sharing soon are shevai or string hoppers , ponsa idli or jackfruit idli ,bread cheese discs etc .Coming back to  ‘ Tingalavare kolombo’ it ... Read More »

Shrimps and spinach curry / Sungat galnu vali ambat

We , G.S.B ‘s often prepare ‘ Vali Ambat ‘ or ‘sukkale sungat  ani vali ambat ‘ / dry prawns and spinach curry . Sometime back Amma had prepared vali ambat adding fresh prawns and once she prepared vali ambat with a combination of  dried prawns and fresh shrimps . It tasted out of the world . And I had to share ... Read More »

Kothambhari Palle Saru

This is an authentic saru recipe prepared in most of the Konkani household . ‘Kothambhari palle’ or ‘pallo’ means coriander  leaves . This saru is very  aromatic which goes well with rice . The recipe was shared to me by my Amma . She had adapted the recipe from Jaya V Shenoy’s recipe book and had modified as per the ... Read More »

Kali thori gabbo galnu gashi ,Whole black pigeon peas curry

This curry is one of  the traditional Konkani curry  . Kali means black and thori means pigeon peas . This pulse or whole grain is commonly found in Mangalore . We G.S.B ‘s prepare different types of dishes from this pulse like upkari , sarupkari , Bhendhi etc . I will share the recipes whenever possible . Gabbo means banana ... Read More »

Karathe god ani theek nonche / Bittergourd sweet and spicy pickle

This is one of my favourite pickle which  I am sharing with you all today.My son Pratham had plucked a big batch of bimbul /sorrel fruit which had cropped in our patch and it striked me to prepare this pickle. My better half bought fresh store bought bittergourd and I prepared this pickle the same day. Amma helped and instructed ... Read More »

Chapathi white curry

‘Chapathi white curry’ or ‘Chapathi Dave Randai ‘ is a curry prepared as  a combination with chapathi.This is my Aayis recipe which she had borrowed from her Bombay sister.She has been preparing this since the time we were kids and I used to dislike it as most often kids do.But presently it is one of my favourite curry and my ... Read More »

Special Pathrade Roast/Roasted Pathrado

I have already posted the traditional ‘pathrade‘ last Monsoon.Pathrado is a popular G.S.B dish.There are many versions of the same.This time I tried Santoshi’s Amma’s version who is one more Masterchef.Oh my!I just love her cooking…This pathrado tastes simply great and I had to share the recipe in the space.The twist in this recipe is adding Tomatoes instead of tamarind ... Read More »

Soyi Bhajjile Ghashi

I remember posting this curry in December 2012,but I could not trace it anywhere in the blog and thought of reposting it again.I’m assuming it must have got deleted due to some error but fortunately I found few pictures in my album plus lucky I had shot  few pictures randomly during this Yugadi….This curry is popularly prepared by the Amchis ... Read More »

Chana Ghashi /Dave thori ghashi

Ghashi’s are the common curry prepared in G.S.B household.Normally it is prepared with few pulses like Chana,Dave thori,and few other pulses and seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves and that’s the main reason it is often prepared during festive seasons.Chane ghashi is the most famous ghashi.Ghashi’s are normally prepared mild.I adapted this curry from my Amma. Ingredients:Dave thori /Chana/ – ... Read More »