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Jeev kadgi phodi,Breadfruit fritter

Jeev kadgi  means breadfruit.It is a distant cousin of Jackfruit but not as gummy as Jack.Many dishes are prepared with breadfruit like Jeev kadgi upkari,hinga uda,soyi bhajjile ghashi etc but the most popular is Jeev kadgi  bhajo and Jeev kadgi phodi..And one more thing,this is a vegetable which is called as fruit i.e Breadfruit.It comes in light green colour and ... Read More »

Chana Sarupkari

Chana Sarupkari is the  popular and most common dish of the Konkani’s /Amchi /G.S.B’s .Sarupkari’s can be prepared with other pulses  like Alsande bee(Black eyed peas),Kale thori (Black pea),Tingalvare bee(Navy Bean),Brown  cow pea(Bagdo),Green gram (moong),Horsegram(Kulithu),Kabuli chana etc .Normally Sarupkari’s are seasoned with garlic and red chillies.But you may season with mustard seeds and hing also..            ... Read More »

Chane upkari /Black bengal gram dry dish

This is a simple dish of the  Amchi’s and also a popular one.This is best relished with Poha chutney or with the main course.I adapted this recipe from my Amma.’Chana’,’chano’or ‘chane’ is black bengal gram which is packed with nutrients.Generally Konkani’s prepare the chana dishes on Friday’s or during some festive occasions.We prepare different dishes  with Black chana like chana ghashi,chana sarupkari,soyi bhajjile ghashi ... Read More »

Quick beetroot curry

This curry is again my Ammas recipe and she prepares this often.Goes best with chapathi and rice.This curry can be prepared in a jiffy and a very healthy curry too. Ingredients:Beetroot-1 cup,chopped into small cubesOnion-1,chopped mediumPotato-1,chopped into small cubesTomato-1 big,choppedTur dal-1/2 cup,cookedSambhar powder-1 1/2 tspCoriander leaves- 3 tbsp,choppedOil-1tspMustard seeds-1/2 tspCurry leaves-2 sprigs Method: Cook all the vegetables together until it ... Read More »

Kuvale Saasam,Ashgourd curry

Kuvale means Ashgourd and this is a mild curry prepared in most of the G.S.B homes.The best saasam we get to taste is in temples prepared during certain festivals.This curry is often prepared during festive occasions.I learnt to prepare this curry from my Amma and I follow her recipe.This year I would like to cover some of our authentic Konkani/G.S.B ... Read More »

Bhenda Song

I prepared this dish sometime back and has been a favourite dish of my kids ever since I started preparing it.Bhend or Bhenda means Lady’s finger/Okra.This dish goes well with the main course and also with roti.Recipe adapted from  : Kinis Kitchen Ingredients:Ladys finger/Okra/Bhend -1/2 kgOnions-3-4 finely choppedTomatoes-2,choppedChilly powder- 3-4 tspOil-2 tsp +4 tspMethod: Wash,wipe and cut the okra into 1″ ... Read More »

Sprouted Horsegram Upkari /Kirlailale Kulitha Upkari

This is one of the healthiest upkari which is sprouted and then cooked.Few days back I had posted a post on sprouting…The same upkari may be prepared with green gram too but the cooking method slightly differs.This is one of my favourite upkari and is very good for those who follow protein diet.I learnt to prepare this upkari from my ... Read More »

Kuvale Pulikoddel/Ash gourd sweet and spicy curry

Kuvale means Ash gourd.Kuvale pulikoddel is a popular G.S.B curry prepared in almost every G.S.B household.This is served in few temple festivals especially during Mangalorean car festival .This tastes sweet, mildly sour and spicy.I adapted this recipe from my Amma and the curry is also contributed by her. Amma said that seasoning the curry with ghee enhances the taste and flavour of ... Read More »


Varan or Varn is a dal prepared with Moong dal.Usually this dal is prepared on death anniversaries.This dal is my Husband’s favourite so I prepare it often for his sake.In Maharashtra it is very commonly known as Varan bhaath which is served with the rice,garnished with little ghee. Ingredients:Moong dal-1 cupGreen chillies-4,slitSalt- to tasteTo be ground:Coconut-1/4 cup,gratedCumin seeds-1/2 tspTurmeric powder-1/4 tspTamarind-small ... Read More »

Alvathi,Colocasia leaves curry

Alvathi is prepared with colocasia leaves, ginger as the main flavour. This is one of the popular GSB curry.It is prepared specially on the Krishnashtami day.There are few dishes specially prepared on Ashtami like Thoushe Hulel/Ulel,Ashtami laddoo,Alvathi,Chane upkari,chane saru etc.I prepared the curry using hogplums,but you may substitute with tamarind that is add marble sized tamarind while grinding.You may also substitute with ... Read More »