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North Indian Gravies

Gud gud Alambe tawa masala(Thunder Mushroom tawa masala)

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share an interesting recipe prepared with local mushrooms. ‘Gud gud Alambe’ means thunder mushrooms which is seasonal and found only during Monsoon season. It pops out only during first few thunders in hilly regions especially in Karkal. Back then I used to prepare Alambe pulav often when button mushrooms were not available. Usually ... Read More »

Mushroom methi malai

Mushroom methi malai is a curry prepared with a combination of Mushroom and fenugreek leaves in a creamy gravy.The most common dish found in restaurants is methi mutter malai which is also one of my favourite dish but the twist  here  is instead of mutter(green peas) mushrooms are added and trust me this is even better than mutter.For all who those don’t ... Read More »

Paneer Masala

Paneer is rich in protein and is good for kids especially who dislike milk.I try my best to use paneer in our daily diet and the best way to utilise is to use them in the North Indian gravies.Though S and me are not great paneer lovers,I definitely make it a point to cook for my kids.This time I adapted this recipe ... Read More »

Green peas masala

Green peas masala was always our childhood favourite dish. Papa used to get it from the most popular Woodlands restaurant every Saturday and Amma used to prepare her superhit vegetable Pulav.Yes, that used to be the Saturday tradition back then.Recently while browsing few blogs I found similar green peas masala in Jeyashri’s blog and I thought of trying it.The dish came out ... Read More »

Vegetable chilli milli

Vegetable chilli milli is a North Indian dish with cashew and tomato based gravy.It contains assorted vegetable with a combination of spicy,sweet and tangy taste.This recipe is definitely a keeper.I adapted this recipe from Raks kitchen and modified slightly.This dish goes well with rotis or rice.I prepared phulkas and soya rice as a combo.North Indian dishes are always a favourite at our ... Read More »

Hariyali Chole

I adapted this recipe from my friend Aparna kamath’s blog.I have  prepared this dish  couple of times.This recipe is surely a keeper.This is similar to palak paneer but instead of palak, Chick peas(Garbanzo beans or Kabuli chana) is added and that lifts the taste.Palak is a very healthy vegetable filled with loads of nutrients and so are chickpeas which is ... Read More »

Punjabi rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal takes me back to my childhood days.Well the name is Punjabi rajma chawal,and you’ll must be wondering this dish is made with rice.No friends,this dish is named so because Punjabi rajma masala is served with the rice.This is a popular dish of Punjab.The name says it all.I first tasted this dish at my friends aunts place and somehow ... Read More »

Mushroom capsicum masala

I adapted this recipe from a food group where the original recipe was with paneer.I made slight changes as per my taste.This dish goes well with jeera rice,Methi thepla or dosa.Capsicum and onions is added at the end of the recipe in order to retain its crunchiness.My kids love dishes prepared with mushroom,so I pick a packet of mushroom whenever ... Read More »

Mushroom tikka masala

I prepared this yummy mushroom tikka masala few days back as an accompaniment with Methi thepla.This time I myself enjoyed it to the core.The gravy tasted super tasty and was indeed finger licking. I had noted this recipe from a food group long back  much before blogging but unfortunately didn’t note the author.So I want to thank the concerned person for this yummy recipe.This ... Read More »


Chole is a popular North Indian dish  or a Punjabi delicacy famous all over the world.It is mostly served with Bhatura.If it is served as a breakfast,it will be  a heavy breakfast and  is mostly accompanied with a glass of Lassi. I prepared Chole bhatura for brunch this Sunday.I had this recipe in my folder which I had prepared long back,so I’m not sure whether its my own recipe ... Read More »