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Prawn 65

I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show where the original recipe was prepared with Chicken.I was so tempted to prepare this dish ,that I prepared it with prawns as I had it in hand and the result was fingerlicking good.This is no one cant eat just one dish,so very tempting dish.Stay tuned for more recipes! Ingredients:Prawns -25(cleaned,deveined)Onions-2, choppedChilly ... Read More »

Khekda Kalimirch,Pepper Crab, a Tribute to Chef Vikas Khanna

Recently I bought my first recipe book of Chef Vikas Khanna’,’The Great India Cookbook’ and also his first recipe book published .The recipes are very   interesting and irresistible.And  when we had the fresh catch of rock crabs in hand,I decided to try this recipe.Yes,my sunny boy loves to go  fishing with his dad as a hobby and they got this ... Read More »

Bangude Maharani(Raja Rani/Mackerel Queen)

Now what on Earth is this dramatic dish ? Well , it is none other than Mackerel Masala fry. Bangude means Mackerel as in tulu and Raja means Mackerel as in Konkani . And rani means Queen. When Kudpimaam had posted this drooling dish  two days back I tried it as early as possible, as it was so drooling. Its been a while since I’m gymming and controlling my food habits in a ... Read More »

Marwai Sukkha/Clams sukkha

Marwai sukkha is again a Mangalorean specialty.I borrowed this recipe from my aunt Laxmi Padiyar where originally one of her friend had shared her this recipe…This is the recipe of Kori/chicken sukkha but here it is substituted with clams.This dish goes well with the main course especially with the boiled rice.For GSB style Kubbe sukkhe/clams sukkha refer here. Ingredients:Clams-100Coconut-1 big or ... Read More »

Bounshe randai( Dried Anchovies curry),Monsoon special

This is a popular GSB curry prepared often during rainy season. Bounshe means dried Anchovies and randai means curry as in Konkani. The curry tastes good if hog plums or raw mangoes are added which gives a little tangy taste.It is very tasty to suck the hog plums once the curry is ready since it absorbs all the juices in the gravy.This curry takes me back to my ... Read More »

Masaledar Jhinga

Masaledar jingha is a dish prepared with prawns.Jhinga means prawns and masaledar means  various spices blended together.Original recipe called for eggs but I experimented with the prawns.I adapted this recipe from Aparna kamath’s blog.Aparna has a very good collection of recipes and I have tried various recipes from her blog and have liked it.Than you Aparna for this awesome recipe.Would ... Read More »

Raja Alle piyavu(Mackerals curry)

Raja or Raju means Mackerel.This is a popular seafood dish of the GSB cuisine.Recipe is same as of Pomfret alle piyavu which I had posted long back.To make it easy I will post the recipe.This dish goes best with Ukde seeth(Boiled rice). Ingredients for the masala:Mackerals-6 medium sized, sliced into piecesIngredients for the masala: Coconut-1 1/2 cup Long Red chillies-7 Short ... Read More »

Pomfret in Koliwada masala

Pomfret in Koliwada masala?Yes,few days back I came across this recipe in  my dear friend Aparna Kamath’s blog and I was tempted to try it that very moment.The original recipe called for Haddock fish,but I opted for Pomfret which I already had in hand and planned to experiment with that itself.The result was simply good.The taste was simply superb.Fish Koliwada ... Read More »

Raja pannaphkari 2(Ground method)

Two days back I was craving for Raja pannaphkari,but was a bit hesitant to cook since my partner in crime,my sonny boy, whose a seafood lover is still holidaying in U.A.E. But God listened to my prayers and my aunt brought the parcel yesterday,which her mother in law Jahnavi mayi had prepared and aunty prepares the BEST seafood.My sonny boy missed it ... Read More »