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Mori kismuri

Hello everyone,I’m back after a short break.Had a fantastic holiday in UAE and now I’m back in action.Have taken few food pictures which I will post in the coming days….Today I will share a recipe on seafood.Mori means shark fish and this dish is prepared with the dried shark.Amma used to prepare this dish often when we were kids but ... Read More »

Mothiyale/Kane pannaphakri

Mothiyale means Silver fish and Kane means Lady fish.This dish is as same as Raja pannaphkari.You may prepare it  either with Silver fish or Lady fish.For lady fish we remove the outer skin.The fish mongar will do that for you.Some prepare the curry with the skin intact.But I prefer to remove it.Both the fish are very good in taste and both have ... Read More »

Sangali randai(Cat fish curry)

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an authentic fish curry recipe. Sangali means cat fish. Not many eat this fish and even we get it occasionally. This curry takes me back to my childhood days since we would get this fish only when my Papa’s sister Shalini akka  visited us since it was her favourite. This fish is ... Read More »

Sungta thalsan

I adapted this recipe from my Papa’s sister’s mother-in-law.My Aunt always praises about this authentic recipe and I thought of trying it .This dish is filled with the aroma of garlic and it is very tasty to eat the whole garlic.The masala is same as of normal fish fry.Thalsan or thalasina is mostly prepared with garlic.Whenever any dish is seasoned ... Read More »

Mothiyale rawa fry(Silver fish rawa fry)

I prepared Mothiyale rawa fry along with Mothiyale piyavu panha as an accompaniment. Mothiyale is nothing but silver fish.This makes an excellent starter in the parties and no one can eat just one.This  tastes good when fried in the coconut oil which gives the extra punch.This is a very simple,easy,tasty and a common recipe.This recipe may be used in the ... Read More »

Mothiyale piyavu panha(Silver fish curry)

Mothiyale piyavu panha or ambat is a popular Konkani dish prepared in most of the G.S.B’s house who eat seafood. Mothiyale means silver fish.The same recipe may be used to prepare Lady fish,crab,butterfish etc.Silver fish is a very delicate fish,so one has to be very careful once you drop the fish in the gravy.This fish gets cooked very fast.I bought 50 silver ... Read More »

Neeli hinga uda(Mussels in asafoetida sauce)

Neeli hinga uda is a popular GSB seafood gravy just like Sungta hinga uda or prawns hinga uda. Today Amma prepared this aromatic curry and I devoured it heartily.Honestly,Amma has magic in her hands.I truly love the aroma of hing or asafoetida.The recipe is exactly as same as sungta hinda uda,only difference is instead of prawns,mussels are added,as simple as that.Same preparation ... Read More »

Deep fried neeli(Deep fried Mussels)

Well,well it is a Mussels feast at our place.This batch of mussels was showered by my brother who visited Kerala for a family function.So on his way back to Mangalore he brought loads of mussels.Neeli means mussels.This batch of  mussels were quite big ones,fresh and very tasty.Last time when my Papa had brought there was  little sand particles since the ... Read More »

South Indian style deep fried neeli

Few days back I had prepared Deep fried prawns in South Indian style,recipe adapted from my Bhabhi Santoshi.Same recipe I applied here,only difference is I added all the ingredients and coating directly to the Mussels.Yes,Neeli is nothing but Mussels.I have already posted How to clean mussels,please refer Here to know more.While frying mussels one has to be extra careful since the oil ... Read More »

Pomfret /Koddai masala fry /Fish masala fry

Its been  only few days since I posted in the blog but feels very long,since I’m held up with kids exams and other commitments.I had the picture of pomfret masala fry in my folder and had prepared Koddai masala fry recently and  the recipe is so very tasty that I  thought of sharing here.This recipe was shared to me by ... Read More »