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Chatpata Prawn pataka

Today is Prawn special in my blog.I had prepared this pataka sometime back and the recipe is very tasty.I adapted this recipe from my dear friend Aparna s blog.This dish is indeed a pataka. Pataka actually  means fire cracker in Hindi but here in this recipe it signifies that, the recipe is damn good.Its a general saying in Hindi or may be ... Read More »

Tandoori prawns

Tandoori prawns is one my favourite seafood starter.Whenever we visit restaurants I never miss out to order this special dish.In Mangalore we get best tandoori prawns in many restaurants like Palkhi,Maharaja and now it is my place I  bet.In this recipe few batches I grilled in a  grilled pan and few in an electric grill.This is a Dil Maange more ... Read More »

Crispy Prawns

This is one of the bestest crispy prawns I ever had  . The recipe was noted by Santoshi from a food channel . She forgot to note the name so I named this as crispy prawns . For best results use the smallest prawns available and keep the tail intact which adds an extra punch with crispy effect  . Add lots of ... Read More »

Rohu fish fry

Rohu fish or carp fish is a  river fish  which is very famous in Bengal.For more information refer wiki .I bought this fish from the reel in super market last week and prepared fish fry in Konkani style.This fish has to be eaten carefully as it has lot of thorns.So be cautious if it is new to you’ll. Taste wise it is very good ... Read More »

Anjal tawa fry

Anjal means Seer fish.We get fresh ones in Mangalore.Last week when I had been to market had bought few slices of Seer fish which would make the best seer fish tawa fry.But this time I made a little twist in the recipe and it turned to be super good.You may prepare this recipe with  other seafood like prawns,silver fish,Mackeral,pomfret etc.This ... Read More »

Sungta hinga uda(Prawn curry)

Sungta hinga uda is a traditional konkani preparation. Sungta or sungat means Prawns and hinga or hing means Asafoetida and uda means water.This is strongly flavored with Asafoetida which is mind blowing.It is best served with boiled rice.A piece of fried fish to accompany the dish completes the meal.In Mangalorean homes it is still served on plantain leaves on few  special occasions like Diwali which is very authentic.Other than prawns this ... Read More »

Prawns Buzzane

Prawns buzzane  recipe was shared by one of our guest who stayed with us a year back.She said this dish is  basically a  Maharastrian  Koli community’s delicacy.I have prepared this dish several times and is spicy and  super tasty. You may relish this dish with rice or roti. This dish is very simple to prepare.When it comes to seafood preparations I just become superactive. ... Read More »

Sukkale sungta pannaphkari

Sukkale sungat means dried prawns.This dish is a traditional Konkani recipe which is fiery spicy and this recipe is my Ammas and Mamama’s.Dried prawns or shrimps are usually dried under the sun and can be stored for years.When the prawns are dried  it gets shrunk into smaller size and you’ll need more quantity to use in the curry.In Mangalore we ... Read More »

Sungta song

Sungta song is  a prawn pickle,where traditionally it is cooked with potatoes.I tried this  dish song ,since I had left over diced onions in the fridge and I wanted to finish it soon and this idea struck me. Sungta means prawns. Please don’t confuse this song with SONG (Singing). But if you eat this song you will definitely sing a song. Lol,yes this is a very spicy preparation. Well, in song ... Read More »

Sungta khala upkari

Sungta khala upkari was again the second dish prepared on Aparna’s day in Fb food group and the first dish was Tangy babycorn and paneer masala. Sungta means prawns.This is basically a Keralite dish,but don’t know more about the history.This is a spicy prawn pickle.My son relished it  until it got over.Please refer  here for the detailed recipe.Goes well with rice. Ingredients: ... Read More »