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Poha laddoo /Avval Laddoo,Diwali special

This Diwali I wanted to prepare something which I hadn’t prepared until now and I started hunting for recipe’s in some popular blogs and books.I found this recipe in one of the blog and looked easy peasy and thought of trying it.For best results my Amma says sun dry poha for few hours and then follow the recipe.Sun drying gives ... Read More »

Sheera,celebrating 500th post

This is the 500th post  and Geeths Dawath is one year and four months old.And to celebrate the occasion I prepared Sheera as all good occasions are always celebrated by preparing something sweet.Sheera has a great connection in my life.This was the first sweet dish my husband had brought at Amma’s house when we were seeing each other, garnished with ... Read More »

5 cups Burfi/Khadi

I had prepared this Burfi during 2013 Diwali mela and was lying in my folder from quite some time.It was a time where I had tried numerous sweets and a high time for a sweet break and that is the reason I had reserved this post.I adapted this recipe from Divyas blog.Recipe adapted from :Easycooking Ingredients:Besan-1 cupSugar-2 cupsGhee-1 cupMilk-1 cupCashewnuts-handful,finely ... Read More »

Dates and dry fruits roll,sugarless/Childrens day/Tulasi pooja special

Dates and dry fruits  roll/halwa/Burfi is one of the healthiest sweet prepared without sugar. Santoshi had tried this first and it tasted so good that I couldn’t resist myself in preparing it.And when all the ingredients was available I put the best into use.This is a very simple preparation though it looks complicated.Few days back a member from a food group named ... Read More »

Almond Burfi

Few days back I was feeling restless after two failures of Almond burfi which I had tried from two different sources.Same time one of our relative came to my rescue and said her daughter who is also my cousin, who resides in Australia makes the best almond burfi and she adapted it from some blog.I immediately contacted Shubha and took ... Read More »

Coconut ladoo

This is one of the quickest,easiest and tastiest ladoo to be tried and relished. Yesterday night,I was going through  my Milkmaid recipe book as my usual routine and I came across this recipe.I had some leftover milkmaid in the fridge  and  I thought this was the best way to utilize it. Ingredients:Condensed milk-1/2 tinDesiccated coconut-1 1/2 cups(reserve some to roll)Method: Mix condensed milk ... Read More »

Sweet boondi for this Diwali

Happy Danteras dear readers!Recently I prepared Khara Boondi with my new gadget Boondi Maker.And I was in full swing to try sweet boondi yesterday.Last Diwali I had prepared Boondi/Mitai Undo/Laddoo. Sweet Boondi is my daughters favourite and she liked my preparations very much.Being a festive day it is always welcoming to have a sweet post.Festivals are always celebrated with something sweet.Today ... Read More »

Vanilla Burfi for the Diwali and our Anniversary

Burfi reminds me of the Bollywood number Ala Ala Mathwala Burfi……Brfiii.Today was indeed a Burfi day.I tried Vanilla Burfi,Chocolate and Vanilla/Duet burfi and Gulabi Burfi.After many failures in the burfi making, today I got confidence in preparing the same.I exactly understood the meaning of ONE STRING CONSISTENCY,I  could even capture the picture of it.Feels so good.Vanilla is always my favourite flavour. I ... Read More »

7 cups Burfi for the Diwali

I’ve been hearing about this burfi past one year but hadn’t tried my hand then.Last Saturday I tried Coconut Burfi and Seven cups Burfi from Sharmis Passions.Both came out equally good.Few important  things we need to remember are, we have to act quick while preparing this burfi like greasing the dish before hand,switching off the flame at the right time and spreading ... Read More »

Coconut Burfi for the Diwali

Diwali is one of my favourite festival.It brings so much of happiness everywhere.And to celebrate the occasion I’m in full swing preparing sweets and savories.I have many recipes in my mind to try my hand.Yesterday I tried coconut burfi and seven cup burfi from one of my favourite blog Sharmis Passions.The first time I tried this burfi was a flop due ... Read More »