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Milk Peda ,dedication to Masterchef Vikas Khanna and for DIwali

Festival of lights is nearing and to celebrate the occasion I prepared this peda to distribute to my loving one’s.This is one of the easy peasy recipe to prepare.The peda’s tasted gooey and simply wow.I have bookmarked many recipes to be tried and shared.                    Well,dear readers I would also like to share that ... Read More »

Ubbatti/Obbattu/Puran Poli for the Diwali

Ubbatti/Obbattu/Puran Poli is a popular sweet in South India and in Maharashtra(not sure about other states)…There are many versions of the same.We,GSB’s prepare it often with cooked chana dal as the stuffing either with the combination of sugar or jaggery. It is similar to Paratha with sweet stuffing.Other stuffing used  is Moong dal,Tur dal,Kerala banana etc.This was in a to do list ... Read More »

Maa Laddoo,Navratri special

After Microwave Mysore Pak today it is Maa Laddoo. Today is the seventh day of Navaratri.Navratri is a festival which is celebrated for 9 days.The tenth day is Dussehra.Nav means nine and ratri means night.On this festival we worship Goddess Durga in different forms like Lakshmi,Saraswathi,Kali etc.Gujarati’s celebrate this festival on a grand scale by playing garbha and Dadiya ras which ... Read More »

Microwave Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a sweet which is famous in Southern India.The common ones which we find in Mangalore is the one with the pores.This Mysore pak is filled with the aroma of ghee and is more  like Nandini Mysore Pak and super duper tasty.I had bookmarked this recipe the day when my friend  Niya Prakash  had posted it in her ... Read More »

Doughnuts/Donuts for the first blog Anniversary

Geeths Dawath is one today.Yes,today is our first blog Anniversary.Last year when I  had just started my journey I had no idea how long would it go.And today here we are,we have completed one year .Time flies so fast….And to celebrate this occasion I wanted to prepare something sweet, as good/happy occasions are always celebrated with sweets and I had ... Read More »

Rawa Laddo,Celebration for winning Sanjeev Kapoors Contest

Few days back during Ganesh Chaturthi festival I had sent my entry for the click and share Modak contest in Sanjeev Kapoor’s page.I casually sent the picture as I had prepared the modak during the same time.After 3-4 days my sister messaged me that my facebook friend Shubha Bhandarkar has posted my winning post and I was super surprised and ... Read More »

Panchakajjai/ Panchkadayi

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an interesting prasadam recipe which we prepare on special occasions. Panchakajjai or Panchkadayi  is prepared on certain auspicious occasions like Krishna Janmashtami, Gowri pooja and Ganesh Chaturthi as an offering to the God and distributed as ‘Prasad’. We prepare it in large quantity and distribute to all our near and dear ones. I ... Read More »

Modak,Ganesh Chaturthi special

Modak is Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet and coming Monday,9th of September is Ganesh Chaturthi,so  I decided to prepare ‘Gannus’ favourite sweet Modak.Modak is a sweet dumpling where coconut jaggery mixture is used as a stuffing often.It can be either steamed or deep fried.This is very  popular among the Maharastrians.There are different methods to prepare this sweet.Last year we had ground ... Read More »

Sabudana laddoo,Sutha punnav,Raksha Bandhan and Shravan Special

Sabudana or tapioca pearls is often used in the making of sabudana kichdi,vada or a sweet dish called Dudhpak.I,for the first time came to know about this laddoo when my FB friend Rajni Kamath had posted it in a food group.The laddoos were so attractive that  I felt like grabbing it from the computer screen.The recipe is super easy too. Rajni says ... Read More »

Kesar Duddali,Arrowroot pudding(Stepwise pictures)

Ever since I saw my friend Chandrika Kini’s post on Kesar Duddali,I was very tempted to eat   prepare it. Amma came to my rescue and guided me how to prepare.Though I’m not a duddali lover,I like to learn new recipes and want to learn the art of cooking different cuisines.Now let me tell you’ll what duddali is.Duddali is a pudding ... Read More »