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Today is my Aayi’s(Paternal granny’s) Birthday and Amma thought of making Churmundo.Churmundo is a ladoo and making ladoos is an art.It  really needs practice to master it.My granny’s sister Geeth pachi(Mrs Geetha Shenoy) is an expert to make home made savories and she was at Amma’s place for few days on vacation.As usual during her visit, Amma planned  to make Churmundo yesterday ... Read More »

Phonsa Mulik/Jackfruit fritters and my 300th post

Phonsa mulik is a sweet dish prepared with the jack of fruits Jackfruit.Phonsa or ponosu means jackfruit.My husband S had brought the  sweetest jackfruit  from our factory and I thought Mulik was the right thing to do justice.This is my seasons first phonsa mulik.The taste is simply yum.We can retain it for more than a week refrigerated or at room ... Read More »

Phenori(Sweet puri)

Phenori or sweet puri is a traditional GSB sweet which is a  very popular sweet in GSB homes.Home made phenori tastes awesome. I’ve been preparing it from quite some time.This recipe was passed to me from my Papas cousin N.Her mama in law is an expert when it comes to sweets and savories,so originally this is her recipe.So this recipe I give ... Read More »

Kaju kathli

After 2 disasters with 2 different measurements,finally I succeeded in my third attempt.So try try until you succeed ,never give up……This  is what I followed like an obedient student…..Kaju kathli is an Indian sweet similar to barfi. Kaju means cashewnuts.Generally it is shaped into diamond shape but since I wanted to try something different I used the cookie cutter to shape this beautiful kathlis.I ... Read More »

Boondi ladoo(mitai undo)

Boondi ladoo or mitai undo as in Konkani was in my cooking wish list since a long time. But wasn’t  very confident to attempt. But today, after watching few videos from the  you tube , I mustered  some courage and started  the process. I followed all the instructions like an obedient student  given by Hethal and Anuja from Show me the curry.com  ... Read More »

Besan ke ladoo

Happy Dhanterus to all!This is my 75th post.My baby blog is growing day by day.And  I am really very happy for the response that I am getting and inspiring me more to do my job better. Dhanterus is the first day of the five day Diwali festival.The word Dhan means wealth and therus means 13th day as per the Hindu calendar.So today ... Read More »


Kalakand or Qalaqand is a milky burfee and a most popular sweet from Rajasthan as wiki says but I thought it was popular sweet from Bengal. In India,it is prepared during special occasions and with Diwali around the corner this is one of the best sweet to be relished.It is very easy to prepare and this tastes simply Yummy. Ingredients: Paneer or ... Read More »

Almond choco melts

Diwali ,the festival of lights,the most eagerly awaited festival  is almost nearing  and to welcome the feast I start with this exotic Almond choco melts for the happy occasion.This is a very simple recipe of the fudge which I converted into choco melts.This is ooey and  gooey and it just melts in your mouth.So enjoy this delectable almond choco melts. Ingredients: Milkmaid-400 ... Read More »