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  • Cotton Dosa

    Cotton Dosa

    I like to try new recipes of dosa’s as it is a staple of  G.S.B’s . Cotton dosa or Kapsa...

  • Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Humman is a traditional G.S.B curry flavoured with asafoetida/hing. Basically Humman is prepared spi...

  • Ragda Patties

    Ragda Patties

    This is the second recipe of Ragda Patties I’m sharing in the space. Last time I had shared th...

  • Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Hello dear readers! I’m back after a long break. Today I will share the recipe of Kulitha Kodd...

  • Palak  dosa

    Palak dosa

    This dosa can be prepared with any ‘Masala Dosa’ batter. This is in popular demand at ou...

Strawberry Punch


Today is Holi and I did not have a special post to post  today . So to make it special I thought of posting strawberry punch  . This is  a  very simple preparation and refreshing drink  to quench the summer thirst . I find Strawberry is one of the cutest fruit on earth and is apt for the occasion as ... Read More »

Puttu Kadala curry


Puttu is incomplete without Kadala curry  . Kadala curry means black chana curry . This is a very simple yet tasty curry . The recipe was shared to me by my sister Shan. She had shared two recipes out of which I combined both the recipes according to our taste . I did not add whole garam masala nor powder ... Read More »

Chicken Mughlai Masala


I had prepared this chicken curry sometime back . I adapted the recipe from my  f.b friend Vidya Nayak Shenoy . She is an expert when it comes to cooking chicken . I modified the recipe as per our taste . Like I added cashew paste, maggie masala magic and tomatoes  which created a twist in the recipe . I ... Read More »

Tomato Gojju,recipe no 2


This is the second recipe of tomato gojju in the space . I adapted this recipe from my cousin Prasad’s wife Sandhya . Recently I had mentioned about my Bangalore trip to do my fondant workshop and my stay at Papa’s sisters’s place  . Sandhya was   a wonderful hostess  and she feasted us with her tasty dishes . One ... Read More »

Naidus Sar


South Indians love Sar or Saru /Rasam . Each South Indian state have their own specialty . This  is a kind of Indian soup . I love to relish it hot in a glass . This is one of the aromatic saru and I’ve been fortunate to relish it since childhood . Now let me tell you ‘ll why the name ‘Naidus Saru ‘ . ... Read More »

Paper Dosa


G.S.B ‘s  love  ‘polo’ (Dosa)  for breakfast . Dosa’s makes a very filling breakfast . I keep hunting for interesting dosa recipe’s and whenever I find one I don’t miss a chance to try  it out . It makes a great tiffin recipe too . Best goes with coconut chutney . This time I adapted the recipe from Shobhana Aunty’s blog ... Read More »

Kolhapuri Egg curry


I had prepared this curry last year and the pictures were lying in the folder as usual . Kolhapur is a place in Maharashtra and this dish must be a popular dish out there . I had posted Kolhapuri chicken sometime back . I was inspired to prepare this dish from my f.b friend Sandhya Kamath  . This curry goes ... Read More »

Crispy Phenori


Last week I was in Bangalore to attend a cake decorating workshop and within a short time its a week already . I had halted in my Papa’s sister Shalini akka’s house . The hospitality I received from each one of them was simply touching .  Shalini akka  is a  great cook and both us have similar interest like jotting ... Read More »

Prawn curry leaves fry


I had prepared this dish long back and the post was lying in the draft from quite a while since I  had to transfer the pictures from the camera . My camera is acting funny past few days and the quality is not so good as expected these days . Another reason is night shot . Please excuse for the ... Read More »