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Kaju watermelon,Diwali special

I tried a fancy sweet called ‘Kaju Watermelon’ for this Diwali. They looked very attractive and tasted good too.  I followed the recipe  in you tube video named as  ‘Food Connection’ .This burfi is cashewnut based and tasted like kaju burfi. I used gel colours to colour the balls. Those who don’t prefer the colour may just coat it with ... Read More »

Poached egg curry

Whenever I make Amma’s Motte Randai and there is gravy leftover I make this dish. This dish is a real savior. Amma’s late elder sister,my aunt whom we kids  called  ‘Maav’ taught us to make this dish. She was such a wonderful cook. She was the one who taught  us to eat chicken. I have shared some of her recipes ... Read More »

Karathe Ambade ghashi

This is a traditional g.s.b curry which I’m going to share here today. Amma prepares the best Karathe ambade  ghashi. Karathe means bittergourd and ambade means hog plums. I disliked this curry back then as I was a fussy eater .But now I eat everything . This is a mild bland gravy with mixture of all taste like sweet,sour and ... Read More »

Instant Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi bele bath or BBB is a popular South Indian dish. I have already shared the traditional recipe in the space. This time I tried instant recipe . It came out equally good just like  traditional recipe. BBB has been my favourite since childhood days but here at my place they don’t prefer it much . As usual I made ... Read More »

Bunt Bomb / Egg Roast

This is an easy peasy recipe you can make anytime. There are days I feel lazy to cook and this was on one such day I tried this recipe which I had noted from Shilpa Shetty’s video. All liked it at our place. Not to forget to mention my sister Durga also prepares an egg dish similarly. I had tasted ... Read More »

Mori Fry/ Shark fish fry

Now that I have already shared the recipe of Mori Hinga Uda I will also share Mori/Shark fry recipe. Mori is a very tasty fish with full of flesh just like chicken . And it has user friendly bone too unlike other fish which has to be eaten carefully.. We can eat the tender bones too.. Usually in the traditional ... Read More »

Mori Hinga Uda/ Humman

Navratri is just done and I was waiting to share this post . Mori means Shark fish . I made this post recommended by my good friend. I had not made this post earlier since the recipe is same like of “Prawn Hinga Uda” . Usually G.S.B’s prepare this curry with prawns and Shark fish and in vegetarian version we ... Read More »

Crunchy Beans

This is a simple stir fry recipe which I noted  from Shilpa Shetty’s cookery show. She shows some interesting easy peasy recipes which looks very pleasing. This is the second recipe which I tried from her show and it came out very good. I modified as per our requirement and availability of the ingredients. I had also tried her recipe ... Read More »

Microwave Khandvi

Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack . Some years back I learn’t the technique to prepare it from Santoshi . Ever since that I have prepared it countless times.. It can be prepared manually , in  microwave or in pressure cooker. I’ve been following microwave method since a year. Special thanks to Santoshi Nayak for the link and Khandvi .Ever since ... Read More »

Kurkure Bhindi

This is a very simple recipe which I had tried sometime back. The minute I saw  Vah Chef’s post I wanted to give it a try. But it took me a while to try this goodness. This is such an tempting dish that one can go on eating. It makes an excellent party snack. Recipe courtesy – Ingredients: Bhendi/Okra/Ladys ... Read More »