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Mori Fry/ Shark fish fry

Now that I have already shared the recipe of Mori Hinga Uda I will also share Mori/Shark fry recipe. Mori is a very tasty fish with full of flesh just like chicken . And it has user friendly bone too unlike other fish which has to be eaten carefully.. We can eat the tender bones too.. Usually in the traditional ... Read More »

Mori Hinga Uda/ Humman

Navratri is just done and I was waiting to share this post . Mori means Shark fish . I made this post recommended by my good friend. I had not made this post earlier since the recipe is same like of “Prawn Hinga Uda” . Usually G.S.B’s prepare this curry with prawns and Shark fish and in vegetarian version we ... Read More »

Crunchy Beans

This is a simple stir fry recipe which I noted  from Shilpa Shetty’s cookery show. She shows some interesting easy peasy recipes which looks very pleasing. This is the second recipe which I tried from her show and it came out very good. I modified as per our requirement and availability of the ingredients. I had also tried her recipe ... Read More »

Microwave Khandvi

Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack . Some years back I learn’t the technique to prepare it from Santoshi . Ever since that I have prepared it countless times.. It can be prepared manually , in  microwave or in pressure cooker. I’ve been following microwave method since a year. Special thanks to Santoshi Nayak for the link and Khandvi .Ever since ... Read More »

Kurkure Bhindi

This is a very simple recipe which I had tried sometime back. The minute I saw  Vah Chef’s post I wanted to give it a try. But it took me a while to try this goodness. This is such an tempting dish that one can go on eating. It makes an excellent party snack. Recipe courtesy – Ingredients: Bhendi/Okra/Ladys ... Read More »

Khoa Burfi/ Dodha burfi

Mangalore is decked up with lightings for the Navaratri festival and is looking as beautiful as a bride. Just like Mumbai is popular for Ganesh chaturthi , Bengal for its Durga puja,Mangalore is famous for Dasara. One can hear the beats of the tiger dance all over. To celebrate the occasion I’m sharing a recipe of a sweet called Dodha ... Read More »

Koliwada Basa fish fry

Basa fish is a favourite of my son and myself. Especially we like Basa fish and fry from Sizzler ranch. Now we get the frozen basa fish easily in KFDC . I bought it recently and tried in Koliwada style. Of recent we also like to flavour with ajwain  for the fish marination . It gives a restaurant taste. You ... Read More »

Japanese vegetable tempura

This recipe is of Chef Ajay Chopra which I had noted down from a cookery channel. It looked so good I tried it the very next day. It came out crisp and perfect in texture. And one more plus point is, this recipe is eggless. You may use any vegetable of your choice like cauliflower,pumpkin buds or even paneer. Recipe ... Read More »

Hawa Hawai, Panchmahal hotel special curry

Hawa Hawai was our  favourite childhood dish. The name sounds sexy isn’t it ? As I have already shared in the space back then as kids, there was a tradition of Amma making Pulav every Saturday’s and Pappa would get some vegetarian gravy from different vegetarian restaurant’s . This particular dish was introduced to us by our Pappa. He used to get ... Read More »

Custard apple milkshake

This season we get best custard apple here and to make the best use of it we make milkshake with it. Though you may relish in the juice bars nothing like home made ones. This is very simple to prepare just like other milkshakes. Ingredients: Custard apple – 2 Milk – 2 cups Sugar – to taste Ice cubes – ... Read More »