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  • Russian Salad

    Russian Salad

    Today I’m going to share a recipe of a salad after a long time. This is a very rich and tasty ...

  • Mushti polo 3

    Mushti polo 3

    Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Ye...

  • Chicken Ibrosi

    Chicken Ibrosi

    Well, the name “Chicken Ibrosi” sounds interesting right? The curry is as tasty like its...

  • Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a tasty recipe of  Baby Anjal tawa fry. Yes, for ...

  • Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Hello dear readers ! Feels so good to be back in the space. Today I’m going to share an easy p...

Naidus Sar


South Indians love Sar or Saru /Rasam . Each South Indian state have their own specialty . This  is a kind of Indian soup . I love to relish it hot in a glass . This is one of the aromatic saru and I’ve been fortunate to relish it since childhood . Now let me tell you ‘ll why the name ‘Naidus Saru ‘ . ... Read More »

Paper Dosa


G.S.B ‘s  love  ‘polo’ (Dosa)  for breakfast . Dosa’s makes a very filling breakfast . I keep hunting for interesting dosa recipe’s and whenever I find one I don’t miss a chance to try  it out . It makes a great tiffin recipe too . Best goes with coconut chutney . This time I adapted the recipe from Shobhana Aunty’s blog ... Read More »

Kolhapuri Egg curry


I had prepared this curry last year and the pictures were lying in the folder as usual . Kolhapur is a place in Maharashtra and this dish must be a popular dish out there . I had posted Kolhapuri chicken sometime back . I was inspired to prepare this dish from my f.b friend Sandhya Kamath  . This curry goes ... Read More »

Crispy Phenori


Last week I was in Bangalore to attend a cake decorating workshop and within a short time its a week already . I had halted in my Papa’s sister Shalini akka’s house . The hospitality I received from each one of them was simply touching .  Shalini akka  is a  great cook and both us have similar interest like jotting ... Read More »

Prawn curry leaves fry


I had prepared this dish long back and the post was lying in the draft from quite a while since I  had to transfer the pictures from the camera . My camera is acting funny past few days and the quality is not so good as expected these days . Another reason is night shot . Please excuse for the ... Read More »

Eggless Chocolate walnut cake ,Welcome 2015 !


Happy New Year dear readers ! Bye Bye 2014 and Welcome 2015 ! Let us all start this year with a new beginning . And since I wanted my first post of the year to be a cake, I will be sharing a recipe of an eggless cake today. I had baked this cake for my Amma’s birthday last December ... Read More »

Christmas cookies


Ho!Ho!Ho!Christmas bells ringing everywhere..December month had been a crazy lazy month for me.I’m  in a  holiday mood and have become super duper lazy.All I did was browsing interesting baking pages and watching interesting cake decoration videos.The endless list of ‘to be tried ‘ list is  overfilling.I have taken lot of  food pictures past few months which I will share the ... Read More »

Paneer pulav


I often prepare rice dishes as my daughter Sanjana is fond  of it and I find it is a better way to make her eat all the essential nutrients in a single dish.Yes,rice,ghee,vegetable,paneer all paired together.It makes a whole meal isn’t it ?This is a no onion, no garlic rice and is mildly flavoured with spices. Recipe adapted from: Ingredients: ... Read More »

Lucknowi Mushroom Biryani


When it comes to  biryani I equally love to eat as much as I love to prepare .I never get fed up of trying new and interesting biryani recipes.I had tried this recipe from Kudpi maam’s blog sometime back.Its been such a long time that I have been inactive in blogging as the blog technical work is still under process and ... Read More »

Cheppi Surnali


Cheppi Surnali /Godi surnali is specially prepared on tulsi pooja.I wanted to post this long time back but could not make it somehow.I have already posted the sweet version of this dosa sometime back.The recipe goes same but  only thing is we have to ignore adding jaggery.I adapted the recipe from my Amma.   Ingredients: Rice – 2 cups Beaten rice – fistful ... Read More »