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Heerekayi Dose /Heerekayi Pathrode /Ridgegourd spicy dosa

I never ever had imagined one could prepare the dosa with the ridgegourd.A year back I had seen the pictures in food groups and Santoshi had prepared it.Unfortunately I could not taste it and it was totally forgotten and I had no idea of the preparation.Few days back I saw this recipe in a cookery show which was telecasted in ... Read More »

Ragi cookies /Fingermillet cookies

Recently I tried ragi rawa idli (recipe from a source) and I was disappointed with the result.It became super hard and tasteless.There are times when most of us have flops.Nobody is perfect….Coming back to the ragi cookies I had surplus ragi flour and I wanted to prepare the possible things I could do.And when I searched for ragi cookies recipe ... Read More »

Surnali / Sweet Pancake in G.S.B style

         Surnali is a pancake in Konkani style and is prepared in almost every G.S.B household.It is specially prepared on ‘Tulsi puja ‘ as a tradition .This post was pending since a long time and I had shot pictures 3-4 times when I had prepared the same…This dosa was my childhood favourite  or the only dosa which ... Read More »

Ragi Rawa Dosa / Fingermillet Dosa

One more dosa recipe from ‘Geeths Dawath’s’  ‘Dosa corner’ .This time the recipe is not from cookery show but from my loving sister in law Santoshi.Dosa batter courtesy is also dear Santoshi’s .It’s such a bliss staying right opposite my Amma’s house….Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s and there are countless recipes of the same. Ragi is nothing but fingermillet and ... Read More »

Andhra chicken roast with stepwise pictures

Sometime back I had tried Andhra style spicy chicken roast which I had adapted from ‘OD’ and this time it is from Kudpimaams blog as suggested by my friend Laxmi Shenoy..The dish came out very tasty . As I repeatedly keep mentioning I like to try new recipes most of the time ,I tried this version this time.Coming back to the recipe it ... Read More »

Aappam,Kerala Special

Its ‘Dosa festival’ in ‘Geeths Dawath’ and I’m enjoying posting different varieties of dosa.Today’s dosa is Aappam with a different version.I have tried various versions of Aappam and have posted 2 versions earlier.This time I adapted the recipe from ‘Oggarane Dabbi’,a Kannada cookery show by Chef Suchitra which was telecasted yesterday.                     ... Read More »

Pesarattu /Onion Pesarattu with red chutney

I first tasted Pesarattu in my relative’s house may be 15- 16 years back and I liked it so much I would prepare it often.One fine day for the reasons unknown  I stopped preparing it and had forgotten about it completely.Yesterday while I was watching the cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ this recipe was demonstrated and I decided to prepare it ... Read More »

Chocolate clusters

This is the first chocolate post in the space.I had bookmarked this recipe long back from . This is very easy to prepare and you may prepare it in a jiffy.Everybody loved this at our place.I had packed this for my husband’s friends family and they loved it very much.You may also prepare this for your child’s birthday and I bet ... Read More »

Davangere Benne Masala Dosa

I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ which was telecasted yesterday noon. I like the recipes  of Chef Suchitra as it gives me a good result.The recipe was so tempting that I soaked the ingredients immediately once the show was done .G.S.B’s are very fond of Dosa’s and I like to try new varieties.The dosa looked crisp ... Read More »

Cheesy Mushroom Caps

Cheesy mushroom caps makes one of the excellent starter.My sister Durga suggested me about this dish many a times but somehow I wasn’t confident to go ahead.But this time when hubby dear had brought fresh mushrooms and this recipe from cheries stolen recipes fell into my eyes and I tried it immediately.The dish was cheesy infused  with garlicky flavor  and it ... Read More »