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Vegetable thai fried rice

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share my first recipe under  ‘ Thai ‘ category . Thai cuisine are very tasty as it is spicy which suits our Indian taste buds and coconut milk based . This recipe tastes similar like Singapore fried rice of  ‘Trishna’ restaurant in Mangalore . Singapore fried rice is one of my favourite ... Read More »

Ponsa Idli / Jackfruit idli /Ponsa Muddo

Ponsa idli or jackfruit idli is a sweet idli prepared often during summer and monsoon  during the jackfruit season . Though it contains loads of calories , Amma says all seasonal fruits and vegetables must be consumed atleast in small quantities as it has its own benefits  . Amma prepares the jackfruit conserve with jaggery and stores it throughout the year ... Read More »

Tingalavare Kolombo / Navy beans sambhar

This is the first post of July month . I just now realized that I have  many posts to share and there are countless pictures  lying in the folders . Some of the interesting posts that I will be sharing soon are shevai or string hoppers , ponsa idli or jackfruit idli ,bread cheese discs etc .Coming back to  ‘ Tingalavare kolombo’ it ... Read More »

Lasuni Palak Dal

Garlic is one of my favourite flavour . I just love its taste and aroma . It has many health benefits too . And when it pairs with palak it is power packed with healthy nutrients .  Today someone asked me what food I dislike . And I burst out laughing  .  After all I’m a foodie and a food blogger . Coming back to ... Read More »

Shrimps and spinach curry / Sungat galnu vali ambat

We , G.S.B ‘s often prepare ‘ Vali Ambat ‘ or ‘sukkale sungat  ani vali ambat ‘ / dry prawns and spinach curry . Sometime back Amma had prepared vali ambat adding fresh prawns and once she prepared vali ambat with a combination of  dried prawns and fresh shrimps . It tasted out of the world . And I had to share ... Read More »

Creamy Masala Chicken

I had prepared this curry last month on my daughter Sanju’s birthday . This curry tasted good as simple as  it  was to cook . I paired the curry with white rice and chicken biryani which my mama (uncle) had shared with us from his factory function catered by ‘Pai caterers ‘ . So it was a grand feast for ... Read More »

Vermicelli pulav

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share a quick recipe which one can prepare as the breakfast or as a snack for the instant hunger . Vermicelli pulav has been my favourite since years and is also one of the favourite snack of my daughter Sanju . This is my own recipe and I prepare with different variations ... Read More »

Chole / Chana Biryani

I had tried this biryani sometime back and was waiting to share the recipe  in the space . This summer holidays has really made me one lazy bug and this endless cold puts me off . Coming back to the recipe Chana or chole biryani is an aromatic biryani blended with spices . I adapted this recipe from Zee Kannada ... Read More »

Chicken Mughlai

I had prepared this dish few months back and had almost forgotten about the same  . I adapted the recipe from Zee Kannada ‘Oggarane dabbi ‘ cookery show  . It gives me an immense happiness when I share the recipes with you all dear readers . I have faced many experiences in the past which has only made me strong . Nothing ... Read More »

Kothambhari Palle Saru

This is an authentic saru recipe prepared in most of the Konkani household . ‘Kothambhari palle’ or ‘pallo’ means coriander  leaves . This saru is very  aromatic which goes well with rice . The recipe was shared to me by my Amma . She had adapted the recipe from Jaya V Shenoy’s recipe book and had modified as per the ... Read More »