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  • Chicken Masala

    Chicken Masala

    This recipe was shared with us from our school friend Sapna Ullal who resides in New Jersey.The reci...

  • Chicken Spring onion

    Chicken Spring onion

    Hello dear readers. I’m back after a short break . Today I’m going to share an interesti...

  • Kananga Phodi/ Sweet potato fritters

    Kananga Phodi/ Sweet potato fritters

    Hello dear readers! I’m back after a short break. Today I will share a very simple recipe of s...

  • Pomfret rawa fry

    Pomfret rawa fry

    I have already mentioned in the space that I will be making separate posts for different fish though...

  • Vaal Masala

    Vaal Masala

    I first tasted Vaal in Mumbai at my inlaws place more than a decade back. I just loved my Mother in ...

Aappam,Kerala Special

Its ‘Dosa festival’ in ‘Geeths Dawath’ and I’m enjoying posting different varieties of dosa.Today’s dosa is Aappam with a different version.I have tried various versions of Aappam and have posted 2 versions earlier.This time I adapted the recipe from ‘Oggarane Dabbi’,a Kannada cookery show by Chef Suchitra which was telecasted yesterday.                     ... Read More »

Pesarattu /Onion Pesarattu with red chutney

I first tasted Pesarattu in my relative’s house may be 15- 16 years back and I liked it so much I would prepare it often.One fine day for the reasons unknown  I stopped preparing it and had forgotten about it completely.Yesterday while I was watching the cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ this recipe was demonstrated and I decided to prepare it ... Read More »

Chocolate clusters

This is the first chocolate post in the space.I had bookmarked this recipe long back from . This is very easy to prepare and you may prepare it in a jiffy.Everybody loved this at our place.I had packed this for my husband’s friends family and they loved it very much.You may also prepare this for your child’s birthday and I bet ... Read More »

Davangere Benne Masala Dosa

I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbi’ which was telecasted yesterday noon. I like the recipes  of Chef Suchitra as it gives me a good result.The recipe was so tempting that I soaked the ingredients immediately once the show was done .G.S.B’s are very fond of Dosa’s and I like to try new varieties.The dosa looked crisp ... Read More »

Cheesy Mushroom Caps

Cheesy mushroom caps makes one of the excellent starter.My sister Durga suggested me about this dish many a times but somehow I wasn’t confident to go ahead.But this time when hubby dear had brought fresh mushrooms and this recipe from cheries stolen recipes fell into my eyes and I tried it immediately.The dish was cheesy infused  with garlicky flavor  and it ... Read More »

Chettinad Style Chicken Curry

This is one of the bestest chicken curry where everyone who tasted my preparation liked it.This is an Indian style curry which goes well with rice.I adapted this recipe from one of my sweet blogger and F.B friend Niya Prakash and modified as per our taste.Recipe adapted from : Niyas world Ingredients to be marinated:Chicken -1 kgTurmeric powder -1/2 tspChilly ... Read More »

Khotto with stepwise pictures

I had posted ‘how to weave Khotto’ recently.But due to some technical issue I could not post this post immediately.Khotto is nothing but idli ‘s steamed in the jackfruit cups.The flavour of the jackfruit  leaves is infused in the steamed dumpling.Khotto is a popular and authentic dish of the  G.S.B’s.It is often prepared during some festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi,,Ugadi etc…The batter ... Read More »

Paneer Kalimirch

Due to rain our server is down and I was badly missing blogging since a day.Even now the network is very poor and I cannot access wi-fi.I found this picture of Paneer kalimirch in one of my old folder in my desktop and thought of sharing the recipe…Palkhi,a restaurant in Mangalore serves the best Paneer Kalimirch.Keeping that taste in mind ... Read More »

How to weave/make Khotto ? A small pictorial with the method

If I didn’t post ‘the making of Khotto’ my future post on ‘Khotto’ would have been incomplete….That is the reason I’m posting this small pictorial and method on ‘the making of Khotto’.Khotto is a popular breakfast of the G.S.B’s and few Mangaloreans.                                    In ... Read More »

Special Pathrade Roast/Roasted Pathrado

I have already posted the traditional ‘pathrade‘ last Monsoon.Pathrado is a popular G.S.B dish.There are many versions of the same.This time I tried Santoshi’s Amma’s version who is one more Masterchef.Oh my!I just love her cooking…This pathrado tastes simply great and I had to share the recipe in the space.The twist in this recipe is adding Tomatoes instead of tamarind ... Read More »