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Kothambhari Palle Saru

This is an authentic saru recipe prepared in most of the Konkani household . ‘Kothambhari palle’ or ‘pallo’ means coriander  leaves . This saru is very  aromatic which goes well with rice . The recipe was shared to me by my Amma . She had adapted the recipe from Jaya V Shenoy’s recipe book and had modified as per the ... Read More »

Thakka Kadi , Maharastrian special

I  learn’t to prepare this dish from my mother in law  and is one of the memorable dish to me .  This is also one of the tastiest and healthiest dish and an easy peasy one . Whenever there is excess buttermilk this can be prepared in a jiffy . You may also dilute curds ,whip and prepare this . ... Read More »

Kali thori gabbo galnu gashi ,Whole black pigeon peas curry

This curry is one of  the traditional Konkani curry  . Kali means black and thori means pigeon peas . This pulse or whole grain is commonly found in Mangalore . We G.S.B ‘s prepare different types of dishes from this pulse like upkari , sarupkari , Bhendhi etc . I will share the recipes whenever possible . Gabbo means banana ... Read More »

Baigan Masala ,Maharastrian Special

Hello dear readers ! I ‘m back after a long hiatus . Summer holidays are on and I’m making full use of it spending time with family .Though I have many posts to share , today I’m going to share a Maharastrian dish  which is one of my favourite cuisine . I had prepared this sometime back and enjoyed it ... Read More »

Green chilly chicken , Andhra special

I first tasted Andhra chilly chicken in a popular Andhra restaurant named ‘Nandini’ in Bangalore many years back . Ever since that I’m in love with this dish . Though I eat only the gravy it is one of my favourite dish . My husband makes it a point to get Andhra chilly chicken and Andhra chicken Biryani whenever he ... Read More »

Rava Ladoo

Today is Mahavir Jayanthi and I thought of sharing something sweet . Rava Ladoo is also one of my personal favourite .The main ingredient for this ladoo is Bombay rava . I had bookmarked this recipe long back and finally nailed it recently. Homemade sweets and savories are best to serve the guests or the family as it is prepared ... Read More »

Imperial Noodle Basket

This is one of the most tastiest Noodle basket I have ever tasted . A very easy preparation which can be prepared easily . I have used broccoli , bean sprouts , baby carrots as I  had  in hand when I prepared it , but you may prepare this with the veggies you have  . You may also add colored capsicum to ... Read More »

Strawberry Punch

Today is Holi and I did not have a special post to post  today . So to make it special I thought of posting strawberry punch  . This is  a  very simple preparation and refreshing drink  to quench the summer thirst . I find Strawberry is one of the cutest fruit on earth and is apt for the occasion as ... Read More »

Puttu Kadala curry

Puttu is incomplete without Kadala curry  . Kadala curry means black chana curry . This is a very simple yet tasty curry . The recipe was shared to me by my sister Shan. She had shared two recipes out of which I combined both the recipes according to our taste . I did not add whole garam masala nor powder ... Read More »