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  • Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    I have already shared the recipe of sungta hinga uda / humman long back in the space. This is the sa...

  • Motichur laddu

    Motichur laddu

    Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share t...

  • Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Today is 3rd day of Diwali #20k17  and Laxmi puja is celebrated on this special day. Shakkarpare is ...

  • Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Festival of lights starts from tomorrow and the next five days will be celebrated with pomp and enth...

  • Srilankan coconut thippi

    Srilankan coconut thippi

    This snack is something new to me . I saw this  in  Instagram for the first time and then in Raks ki...

Poha dosa

Dosa’s are a staple breakfast of the G.S.B’s .Whenever some interesting recipe falls into my eyes I try it .Poha means ‘beaten rice’…This dosa came out beautiful and was liked by everyone at home.I prepared tomato chutney as a combination.Recipe adapted from:Cooking with Shobhana Ingredients:Raw rice-2 cupsPoha -1 cupCurds- 2 tbspSalt – to tasteOil – to shallow fry dosa Method: ... Read More »

Mango Ice-cream,Fathers Day Special

I scream! You scream !We all scream “Ice cream” …Who doesn’t like Ice cream?Right from a toddler to an adult all enjoy ice cream.Mango ice cream is one of my favourite flavour. Back then I would always order Mango milkshake with ice cream in the most popular ice cream parlour of Mangalore ‘Ideals’ .When it comes to ice cream no ... Read More »

Khaliat Nahal /Honeycomb bread

Atlast I’m back in action with my – love,passion that is ‘baking’.This time I’m more confident in the bread baking and I have learn’t to choose and use ‘yeast’ after many failures and research.It is super duper easy.The recipe of this bread looks very lengthy as it is explained in detail but the procedure is simple.I have tried to post ... Read More »

Hare seb ki raita /Green apple raita

Salads and raitas is  a all time favourite at our place.My daughter is ready to skip the meal over salad…Whenever curd is added to any salad it makes a raita.It makes a great accompaniment with the meal.I prepare similar recipe with Pomegranate.Coming back to the recipe I had heard about green apple salad and other recipes of the same, but ... Read More »

Vegetable Yakhni Pulao

I first tasted this Pulao when Santoshi had prepared it sometime back .I liked the mild taste in the pulao and I decided this is a must recipe to be tried and to be shared in the space.Yakhni sounds totally a non vegetarian dish and I was surprised to know it was a pure vegetarian dish.The pulao came out perfectly ... Read More »

Mango Lassi

Who doesn’t like the king of fruits ,Mango?.The sight of ripe mango cheers everyone but the drawback is,it is high in calories.Keeping everything aside temporarily I went ahead and tried few desserts this season and other dishes and Mango Lassi was one of them.This is again a very easy recipe…To quench your summer thirst this makes a great  drink if ... Read More »

Prawns Uruval

Uruval is a popular South Indian starter and it tastes fantastic . I had prepared Paneer uruval long back and I applied the same recipe for preparing prawns uruval which became a superhit at our place . As I have already mentioned earlier one may prepare this recipe with mushroon,egg,chicken etc …This recipe is a keeper. Ingredients to be marinated: ... Read More »

Cold Coffee

Monsoon has slightly hit the coast of Mangalore but the heat is  still irresistible.To beat the heat I prepared cold cold ‘Cold Coffee’ for my sunny boy which is his all time favourite.My Amma used to prepare this for my sake often back then in my school days…This is one of the simple method to prepare cold coffee.If you love coffee ... Read More »

Grilled Cheese and Corn sandwich

Sandwich is an interesting and attractive snack be it kids or elders,all love it.You may experiment and create your own filling for sandwich.You may use filling like aloo bhujiya ,boiled potatoes,chocolate sauce,peanut butter,banana,mixed fruit,vegetables of your choice and the list goes endless… Ingredients:Corn – 1 cup,boiledOnion – 2,slicedCapsicum – 1 cup (green,yellow, red),diced into small piecesEggless mayonnaise sauce or cheese spread – ... Read More »

Eggless fruit tarts

Tarts!doesn’t it sound interesting?I love to prepare eggless desserts over eggie ones.I had bought tart moulds long long back and I had forgotten I was owning it.I came across this recipe in one of my favourite blog Divine taste and I tried it many days back.The result was amazingly good.The procedure looks lengthy but it is very easy to prepare.You ... Read More »