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Jeev kadgi phodi,Breadfruit fritter

Jeev kadgi  means breadfruit.It is a distant cousin of Jackfruit but not as gummy as Jack.Many dishes are prepared with breadfruit like Jeev kadgi upkari,hinga uda,soyi bhajjile ghashi etc but the most popular is Jeev kadgi  bhajo and Jeev kadgi phodi..And one more thing,this is a vegetable which is called as fruit i.e Breadfruit.It comes in light green colour and ... Read More »

Coriander chicken roast

I had bookmarked this recipe the moment Aparna Kamath posted in her blog as it looked super easy and super tasty.This is a dry dish which can be had with roti or chapati.May be also served as a starter.Recipe adapted from : Ingredients:Chicken- 1 kgOnions-3-4.slicedCoriander leaves-2 cups Green chillies -6-7 or to tastePeppercorns-1 tbspGinger garlic paste -2 tbspGhee – 1tbsp +1 ... Read More »

Chana Sarupkari

Chana Sarupkari is the  popular and most common dish of the Konkani’s /Amchi /G.S.B’s .Sarupkari’s can be prepared with other pulses  like Alsande bee(Black eyed peas),Kale thori (Black pea),Tingalvare bee(Navy Bean),Brown  cow pea(Bagdo),Green gram (moong),Horsegram(Kulithu),Kabuli chana etc .Normally Sarupkari’s are seasoned with garlic and red chillies.But you may season with mustard seeds and hing also..            ... Read More »

Mango Sagoo pudding

Yesterday was my Birthday.And any good occasions are incomplete without the preparation of sweet dish..This time I chose Mango Sagoo,a finger licking dessert which I had bookmarked a year back…This dish is prepared with Mango and tapioca pearls /Sagoo.Since Sagoo and Mango are my favourite I personally  loved the dish very much…The below measurement of the recipe serves 4 but ... Read More »

Baked pasta muffins

Muffins are favourite of almost everyone.Chocochip muffins,Vanilla muffins but have you ever heard of Baked pasta muffins?Well,for me it was very new.When my kids told me that they tasted Baked pasta muffins in my parents place prepared by Santoshi I asked them to repeat the name.I really appreciate Santoshi for hunting innovative and tasty recipes….And when my kids insisted me ... Read More »

Sweet Mango pudding,Holi special

Summer season  has already hit the coastal side and the heat is too humid.Best thing about the season are the Mangoes and they have already started to pool in the market.My Papa has a  very good  choice and he choses the best Mangoes from the market  and me, staying opposite my parent’s place is the best advantage…       ... Read More »

Ven Pongal

Pongal is the most popular South Indian breakfast and it takes me back to my childhood days.Whenever we used to pay a visit to Tirupathi for the temple darshan, there were hardly few restaurants in the city and Pongal was the most popular dish served for breakfast.Even in the temple Pongal was served as prasadam in a leaf bowl(check the ... Read More »

Chow Chow Baath,combination of Kesari Bhath/Sheera and Kharabhath

Chow Chow Bhath is a popular South Indian breakfast which is very  famous in Karnataka.This is a two in one breakfast which consists of Sheera/Kesari bhath and Kharabhath,sweet and spicy combination.The common ingredient of both the dish is fine suji or Bombay rawa.I have already posted both the recipes of  Khara bhath and Sheera.All you have to do is prepare ... Read More »

Cucumber idli / Thoushe Muddo

Cucumber idli/ Thoushe Muddo is again a popular dish of G.S.B’s.Traditionally it is prepared in turmeric leaves.G.S.B ladies who perform Gowri pooja (coconut pooja) often use the cucumber which was used in pooja to prepare this idli  or muddo in turmeric leaves as turmeric leaves are also available during that season in abundance.We had lot of turmeric leaves in our ... Read More »

Sheera,celebrating 500th post

This is the 500th post  and Geeths Dawath is one year and four months old.And to celebrate the occasion I prepared Sheera as all good occasions are always celebrated by preparing something sweet.Sheera has a great connection in my life.This was the first sweet dish my husband had brought at Amma’s house when we were seeing each other, garnished with ... Read More »