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  • Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    I have already shared the recipe of sungta hinga uda / humman long back in the space. This is the sa...

  • Motichur laddu

    Motichur laddu

    Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share t...

  • Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Today is 3rd day of Diwali #20k17  and Laxmi puja is celebrated on this special day. Shakkarpare is ...

  • Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Festival of lights starts from tomorrow and the next five days will be celebrated with pomp and enth...

  • Srilankan coconut thippi

    Srilankan coconut thippi

    This snack is something new to me . I saw this  in  Instagram for the first time and then in Raks ki...

Kuvale Pulikoddel/Ash gourd sweet and spicy curry

Kuvale means Ash gourd.Kuvale pulikoddel is a popular G.S.B curry prepared in almost every G.S.B household.This is served in few temple festivals especially during Mangalorean car festival .This tastes sweet, mildly sour and spicy.I adapted this recipe from my Amma and the curry is also contributed by her. Amma said that seasoning the curry with ghee enhances the taste and flavour of ... Read More »

Taj Mahal style theek rotti,Mangalorean Speciality

Taj Mahal is one of the popular restaurant in Mangalore. I have mentioned the name in my earlier posts too.It is a kind of tradition in Mangalore where men have their one round of early morning breakfast in the restaurant followed by evening snacks where they also meet their friends there and have good time talking and eating tasty snacks.And theek rotti or spicy ... Read More »

Wheat Dosa/Wheat and Rice flour dosa

I borrowed this recipe from Santoshi and she had slightly adapted it from Padhus Kitchen.This dosa needs to be relished hot.Goes well with chutney.I served it with leftover gravy which complimented very well.This dosa is similar to Rawa dosa but here it is a combination of wheat flour and rice flour. Ingredients:Wheat flour-1 cupRice flour-1 cupCumin seeds-1-2 tspGreen chillies-3,chopped finelyCoriander ... Read More »

Kothambari palye gojju/Coriander leaves Indian style sauce

Kothambari palye or pallo means coriander leaves.This is a popular GSB gojju/a kind of sauce prepared with the coriander leaves and used as an accompaniment with the main course.This tastes tangy,spicy and sweetish in taste.So it is the combination of three flavors. I learn’t to prepare this gojju from my Amma. This is an easy peasy recipe.I like to have this gojju just like that.    ... Read More »

Thuppa dosa/Ghee dosa

I had prepared this dosa sometime back and found this today in the album.This is the second thuppa dosa or ghee dosa in the space.I adapted this recipe from my FB friend Mrs Nandini Kini Akka.Normally these dosas are spread thick,but since my folks like thin or medium dosa I spread it as per our needs.Refer for the first thuppa ... Read More »

Almond Burfi

Few days back I was feeling restless after two failures of Almond burfi which I had tried from two different sources.Same time one of our relative came to my rescue and said her daughter who is also my cousin, who resides in Australia makes the best almond burfi and she adapted it from some blog.I immediately contacted Shubha and took ... Read More »

Coconut ladoo

This is one of the quickest,easiest and tastiest ladoo to be tried and relished. Yesterday night,I was going through  my Milkmaid recipe book as my usual routine and I came across this recipe.I had some leftover milkmaid in the fridge  and  I thought this was the best way to utilize it. Ingredients:Condensed milk-1/2 tinDesiccated coconut-1 1/2 cups(reserve some to roll)Method: Mix condensed milk ... Read More »

Pizza Dosa/Benne Dosa

Pizza dosa or Benne dosa is one of the tastiest dosa I ever had during the recent times.Benne dosa is popularly known as Davangere Benne dosa.Well,I tasted this at Amma’s place prepared by Santoshi. Santoshi has a great choice when it comes to  finding out new recipes.This is one of the highly recommended dosa to be tried.The main flavour of this dish ... Read More »

Butter Murrukku for the Diwali blast

This Diwali was a nonstop cooking at my side specially  Sweets and Namkeens. It is so much fun to learn new things especially  preparing Indian sweets and Namkeens is such a pride.I was concentrating more on the Indian sweets and Namkeens this year.Being in the Fb foodgroups is such an exposure for us foodies,be it new recipes,presentation,photography etc.We get to learn so ... Read More »

Sweet boondi for this Diwali

Happy Danteras dear readers!Recently I prepared Khara Boondi with my new gadget Boondi Maker.And I was in full swing to try sweet boondi yesterday.Last Diwali I had prepared Boondi/Mitai Undo/Laddoo. Sweet Boondi is my daughters favourite and she liked my preparations very much.Being a festive day it is always welcoming to have a sweet post.Festivals are always celebrated with something sweet.Today ... Read More »