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Khaman Dhokla

As a kid Khaman Dhokla has been my favourite.I don’t remember the first time I tasted it but knew the dish and name since school days. Ofcourse it was introduced by our Bombay relatives which I had mentioned in some post…..I love Gujarati dishes and not only enjoy preparing it but also like to relish it.Khaman Dhoklas are very easy to prepare and is a popular Gujarati farsan.Recipe ... Read More »

Sweetcorn Pulao with stepwise pictures

Weekends are sometimes lazing around,relaxing and cooking is done on a slow phase as we tend to go out and other activities.I wanted to prepare something simple and as sweetcorn is my daughters favourite  I decided upon to  prepare this pulao on a lazy Sunday yesterday.This is a mildly flavoured pulao which can be had just like that or with some ... Read More »

Sponge Cake

This is the first sponge cake recipe in the space.I had bookmarked this recipe from Niyas world sometime back. Niya Prakash is one of my blogger friend where we discuss many things regarding the recipes and many other  cooking topics especially baking.She has been my constant support ever since I started my blog.Thanks a lot Niya for everything.Recipe adapted from ... Read More »

Methi pulao,recipe 2

I have already posted one recipe of Methi pulao sometime back.This is the second version in the space shared by the same aunt of mine who shared the first recipe.This is a quick version of the methi pulao .Methi leaves means Fenugreek leaves which is rich in nutrients and very good for health.This is the best way to make the ... Read More »

How to sprout Green Gram /Horse Gram/pulses

Sprouting or germinating the pulses is a very healthy procedure.It is packed with low fat proteins.They also contain many antioxidants, enzymes,minerals etc.They are low in calories and best for those who are dieting.I prefer homemade sprouts over the store bought.The common sprouts we do at home is Green gram or moong and Horse gram or kulithu.Same procedure may be applied for sprouting other ... Read More »

Butter Cookies,Eggless

Few days back my sister called me from U.A.E to send few goodies from Mangalore with her friend who is returning back soon.And butter cookies was one of them.We get  best homemade butter cookies in Mangalore but since it is in great demand it gets sold like hot cakes.But fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t find it  in any stores despite ... Read More »


This is my second post of Khandvi in the space.First time I prepared Santoshi’s version and this time I adapted the recipe from Rak’s Kitchen.Rak’s Kitchen is one of my favourite blog and what I like about the blog is her stepwise pictures and detailed recipe with extra tips.I prepared this last Friday in three batches.What I suggest to you ... Read More »

Eppani chutney

Eppani leaves is a medicinal herb which has  many health benefits.It is popularly known as “Brahmi”.Consuming one leaf of Brahmi daily morning on empty stomach is a good memory booster.If added to the oil and applied to the hair it is a good supplement for the hair growth.Amma used to prepare the oil for us when we were kids…The common dish prepared ... Read More »

One -Bowl Mocha Bundt Cake

I decided to bake this cake the minute I saw it in Divya’s blog. Divya’s blog is one of my favourite blog where  baking  can be attempted  without any failure.It is always a full proof recipe where one can bake without any tension.Bundt cakes are always fascinating to me.I just love to bake more and more of it.It is beautiful according to me….I have two ... Read More »