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Grilled bombay sandwich

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe of Bombay Sandwich. It is one of the most popular street snack of Mumbai. When it comes in making sandwiches no one can beat Santoshi. She comes up with tasty sandwiches  for evening snacks. And at times we are lucky to taste it. Even my Ajja was a great ... Read More »


Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Focaccia bread. Focaccia is an Italian flat bread. It is topped with herbs, olive oil and toppings of our choice. I followed this recipe from Anushuti’s “Divine taste” blog. It came out very good. One important point to keep in mind while baking bread is always use good ... Read More »

Nung Alle piyava randayi/ Sole fish curry

Hello dear readers, I’m back after a long time. Today I will share a recipe of authentic  G.S.B style fish curry . We call this fish as Lepa or Nung and Sole fish in English.The base of the gravy is same for all but still I decided to make separate posts for every curry. This curry goes best with Mutta ... Read More »

Plum cake

Hello dear readers!  Belated Merry Christmas and an advanced Happy New Year! This year I baked a cake with the fruits soaked in rum for more than year. I had soaked the fruits in Rum in October 2016  and this is the first time I soaked for such a long time. I did not want to risk trying a new ... Read More »

Crispy Masala Dosa

When it comes to trying dosa recipe I have tried countless recipe’s . This is originally Mysore Masala Dosa recipe but I made plain dosa. Many a times I make plain dosa and pair it with chutney. My daughter Sanjana likes crispy dosa’s topped with cheese. Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s. This time I tried Nandini Kini’s recipe . ... Read More »

Bhenda Kismuri

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an easy peasy recipe called Bhenda kismuri. Bhend means Ladys finger or Okra. Whenever there is excess Bhend in the fridge we may prepare this or can be prepared just like that. Recently my sister Durga Nayak had posted this dish in her insta page and I was tempted to try it. ... Read More »

Chicken Masala

This recipe was shared with us from our school friend Sapna Ullal who resides in New Jersey.The recipe was passed to her by her friend which is their family favourite. I tried this recipe when some guests were invited for lunch at Amma’s place and it turned to be a super hit. In this recipe Mutton masala powder is used ... Read More »

Chicken Spring onion

Hello dear readers. I’m back after a short break . Today I’m going to share an interesting chicken recipe. Last week my sister told me that she tasted chicken spring onion cooked by my aunt Mrs Neeta Nayak and it tasted finger licking good. I was fortunate to taste it this week and ask her the recipe . Yes, she ... Read More »

Kananga Phodi/ Sweet potato fritters

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a short break. Today I will share a very simple recipe of sweet potato fritters which is pan fried or tawa fried. This goes well with the main course or as a snack. The recipe is very simple just like any other phodis. Ingredients: Sweet potato – 1 Chilly powder – 2 tsp or ... Read More »