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  • Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    I have already shared the recipe of sungta hinga uda / humman long back in the space. This is the sa...

  • Motichur laddu

    Motichur laddu

    Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share t...

  • Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Today is 3rd day of Diwali #20k17  and Laxmi puja is celebrated on this special day. Shakkarpare is ...

  • Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Festival of lights starts from tomorrow and the next five days will be celebrated with pomp and enth...

  • Srilankan coconut thippi

    Srilankan coconut thippi

    This snack is something new to me . I saw this  in  Instagram for the first time and then in Raks ki...

Eggless carrot cupcake

This is one of the oldest picture I found in my F.b folder and a favourite at home. This is also a healthy bake since wheat flour is used and carrot has many benefits too. I love baking and I would want to share the recipes in the space as much as possible. As of now I do not have ... Read More »

Bhature, recipe no #3

I’m really surprised I’m finding so many interesting recipes in my folders which I have not yet shared in the space. Today I will share the recipe of Bhature. There are so many methods of Bhature and I like to try new recipes. Chole compliments well with Bhature with a dash of lime and some onions. For chole recipe check ... Read More »

Pumpkin soup

 I noted this recipe while I was watching a cookery show in some channel and the recipe belongs to Chef Kunal from My yellow table. I have prepared this soup countless times and is a favourite at home. Pumpkin is best consumed in the form of soup as it not liked in other forms at home. This recipe is a ... Read More »

Devasthana Saru 2

This is the second recipe of Devasthana Saru i.e temple rasam. I prepared this on Gowri puja and this time I tried the recipe from Nandini Akka’s blog. Temple rasam has a special aroma and the taste is too good. Nandini akka says in temples they don’t add hing for Naivedya saru( when they offer to God), but they add ... Read More »

How to store Green peas ?

I wanted to make a post on this long back and finally I’m sharing it in the space. But I realized half way while I was preserving the green peas so could click only few pictures. Will edit with better pictures when I do it again. Whenever  green peas is in season or you have in excess or don’t want ... Read More »

Beans Palya / Brahmin style beans upkari

This is a  Brahmin style Beans Palya/upkari. The recipe was shared by my friend Poornima Ajit Kudva. Again this is one more delayed post . And a must share post. This Palya is commonly served in the Brahmin temples and weddings. It goes best with rice and sambhar with a dash of pickle and papad. Recipe courtesy : Poornima Ajit ... Read More »

Thai Chana Curry

This curry was prepared by my daughter Sanju sometime back . I had shared the recipe with my friends and they keep preparing it often.We all love this dish a lot. Thai dishes are a favourite at home. I have some stepwise pictures which I will share as of now and will edit with the remaining pictures soon when I ... Read More »

How to decorate Gowri puja coconut / Vayna?

This year while decorating the Vayna/puja coconuts it suddenly dawned on me to make a post on it. So immediately as much as possible I tried to take pictures during the procedure. I took help from my friend and neighbour Anuradha while decorating so that I was doing right. Amma would help me all these years so I never was  serious ... Read More »

Kesari Modak

Ganesh Chathurti is nearing and when the festival nears all it reminds me is ‘Modak‘ and ‘Chakli‘. Today I found a picture of Kesari Modak in one of the folder which I had prepared last year. I searched in my archives to check if I had already shared in the space but to my dismay didn’t find it. So without ... Read More »

Dadpe Pohe

Dadpe Pohe is a Maharastrian breakfast and I love Maharastrian food . This is similar to our poha chutney. There are different variations of the recipe. I referred many recipes in the net and tried this recipe.There were recipes which asked to grind coconut and adding tomatoes in the mixture. Ingredients: Thin poha – 3-4 cups Freshly grated coconut – ... Read More »