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  • Russian Salad

    Russian Salad

    Today I’m going to share a recipe of a salad after a long time. This is a very rich and tasty ...

  • Mushti polo 3

    Mushti polo 3

    Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Ye...

  • Chicken Ibrosi

    Chicken Ibrosi

    Well, the name “Chicken Ibrosi” sounds interesting right? The curry is as tasty like its...

  • Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a tasty recipe of  Baby Anjal tawa fry. Yes, for ...

  • Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Hello dear readers ! Feels so good to be back in the space. Today I’m going to share an easy p...

How to make caramel sauce/salted caramel sauce ?


This is a one of the deadliest recipe I’m sharing in the space.There is always a confusion between the caramel sauce and caramel syrup. I , myself was in the confusion category until recently. Now that I have revised and practiced many a times I thought of clearing the doubt and sharing it in the space. I’m sure it ‘ll be ... Read More »

Cream cheese sandwich


This is a cold sandwich and can be prepared in a short span . My sister taught us to prepare this and it became a superhit at our place . This makes a great kids party snack or evening snacks. I had shared this recipe with my friend Shree and it became a superhit at her place too . Coming ... Read More »

Sabudana Appo


After sweet and starter recipe now its time for breakfast time. I have many pictures lying in the folders and got to share wide range of recipes. Sabudana Appo is one among them and it is a healthy breakfast dish, something new and interesting . Do try this recipe and let me know your views. Until then stay tuned for ... Read More »

Amritsari gobi pakoda


After my first sweet post of the year I’m sure this post will compliment well . Amritsari gobi pakoda makes an excellent starter and I bet it will be a hit at any party . It goes well with the main course too. The preparation is easy peasy and most of the times I love jhatpat recipes. I had prepared this ... Read More »

Sweet Kichdi


Hello dear readers! First of all here’s wishing all my lovely readers a very happy new year! Well ,  I wanted to post plum cake recipe but due to some unexpected incidents I could not blog for sometime . I will post the same in the coming days . Blogging is my passion and I will share interesting recipes this year ... Read More »

How to soak fruits for christmas fruit cake ?

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Soaking fruits is  one of the important process of fruit cake. This year , for the first time I soaked fruits in alcohol ie in Rum  for over 3 weeks . The more you soak the fruits , better the outcome . My wish is to soak the fruits  for next Christmas in advance . If you have the desire to bake ... Read More »

Boiled fruit cake , Christmas special


Christmas is incomplete without the preparation of plum cake or fruit cake . This fruit cake is called boiled fruit cake since the fruits are not soaked but boiled . Amma shares her birthday on this lovely month and she loves fruit cake . So I got an opportunity to bake this cake on her birthday and everyone loved it . ... Read More »

Pizza pinwheels


I had baked this goodness sometime back from fondbites bakealong #96 . Subhashini Ramsingh ma’am , my fondant guru , gives us amazing full proof recipes which we can blindly prepare . Almost all the recipes are tempting and I have tried few recipes . Many recipes are in my to do list . I have exactly copied the recipe ... Read More »

Eggless oats cookies


This cookie is a very simple preparation with just 4 ingredients . They are light , crisp and melt in mouth . I have just fallen in love with this cookie . It also reminds me of nankatai . I had tried this recipe accidentally thinking some other cookie recipe which I wanted to try but  lucky me I tried this . This recipe is a ... Read More »