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Pomfret rawa fry

I have already mentioned in the space that I will be making separate posts for different fish though the recipe applies the same for most of them.Today  I’m sharing Pomfret rawa fry recipe. My son Pratham loves Pomfret rawa fry very much and he prefers to keep the fish whole just like restaurant style. You may also slice the fish ... Read More »

Vaal Masala

I first tasted Vaal in Mumbai at my inlaws place more than a decade back. I just loved my Mother in laws preparation. Recently they brought Vaal to Mangalore during their visit since we love it. So I made Maharastrian Vaal in South Indian preparation. Usually they make Usal or Amti .Vaal means Hyacinth beans or field beans. You may ... Read More »

Dates and toffee mini bundt cake

Almost all the Indian festivals are done and it is time for Christmas . It is one of our favourite festival. It brings joy to everyone. And Christmas means bake time. Though there is a long time ahead the thought itself gives you a festive feeling. My daughter warned me it is high time I stop making Indian sweets and ... Read More »

Tomato Pickle/ Tomato Nonche

I need to seriously update this section of the space. This pickle recipe was passed to us by our neighbour decades back. It was shared to them by their relative who got the recipe from her Andhra neighbour when she was in Andhra. I suddenly remembered about this pickle and searched in my F.b album and I found this picture ... Read More »


This is again a much delayed post . I have shot pictures of Valval almost every time I prepared it or Amma gave me.This is a traditional G.S.B curry,a kind of vegetable stew with mixed vegetables. Valval is also called as ‘Yogiratna’ but commonly called as ‘Valval’ .This recipe is prepared with eye ball measurement but I will share random ... Read More »

Batate tomato gojju

This gojju is a popular Konkani dish prepared as an accompaniment with other dishes. This was my Papa’s favourite gojju and Amma would prepare it frequently. Recently while I went for my evening walk with my neighbour friend and as usual we were talking about recipes and food and potato tomato gojju was the topic of the day’s discussion. And ... Read More »

Kane pannaphkari in Mamama’s style

I have already shared pannaphkari recipes in the space but since my friend suggested that I make separate posts for each fish when I make the preparation , I gave it a thought  to do so. So today I will share my mamama’s style of pannaphkari. You may prepare it with any fish like Mackerels, silver fish etc. Ingredients: Kane/ ... Read More »

Coconut burfi/ Kobri Mithai/Nariyal ki burfi

This is the 2nd recipe of coconut burfi I’m sharing in the space. This time I tried from ‘cook with a smile’ food blog. The recipe came out so perfect that I made it nearly 7 to 8 batches and distributed among my dear ones. I love this recipe more  because we do not have to check sugar string consistency. ... Read More »

Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

I have already shared the recipe of sungta hinga uda / humman long back in the space. This is the same recipe only difference is adding raw mango pieces and prawn heads. Sungta or sungat means prawns, hinga uda is asafoetida and ambuli is raw mango pieces. This is an authentic G.S.B recipe . Adding raw mango pieces and cooking ... Read More »

Motichur laddu

Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share the recipe as I was held up back then  also another reason being it  was a detailed post . I had tried a recipe from a popular blog but it failed very badly. Then I came across a recipe from ... Read More »