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  • Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    Sungta hinga uda/humman with ambuli

    I have already shared the recipe of sungta hinga uda / humman long back in the space. This is the sa...

  • Motichur laddu

    Motichur laddu

    Today is the 4th day of Diwali #20k17 . I had tried Motichur laddu last Diwali but could not share t...

  • Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Shakkarpare , recipe #2

    Today is 3rd day of Diwali #20k17  and Laxmi puja is celebrated on this special day. Shakkarpare is ...

  • Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Sardines fry / Pedvo thallale

    Festival of lights starts from tomorrow and the next five days will be celebrated with pomp and enth...

  • Srilankan coconut thippi

    Srilankan coconut thippi

    This snack is something new to me . I saw this  in  Instagram for the first time and then in Raks ki...

Cotton Dosa

I like to try new recipes of dosa’s as it is a staple of  G.S.B’s . Cotton dosa or Kapsa polo  as in Konkani sounds so interesting. I adapted this recipe from Nandini Kini. I just love her recipes . This dosa is as light as cotton and very tasty too. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes!! Recipe adapted from ... Read More »

Butter beans and Bibbe humman

Humman is a traditional G.S.B curry flavoured with asafoetida/hing. Basically Humman is prepared spicy and is strongly flavoured with hing. My Aayi used to prepare this often with potatoes. The same recipe is used for prawns too which we call as ‘sungta hinga uda or humman’.  You may check the recipe here of Sungta hinga uda and click here for ... Read More »

Ragda Patties

This is the second recipe of Ragda Patties I’m sharing in the space. Last time I had shared the recipe from Tarla Dalal’s book which I had tried then. This is the recipe which we follow  past few years. Patties recipe was shared to me by Santoshi Nayak. Santoshi is too good with chat preparations. If you land at ‘Sai ... Read More »

Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a long break. Today I will share the recipe of Kulitha Koddel, a traditional G.S.B curry . We use the basic masala for most of our curries but some curry is prepared spicy and some less spicy. Koddel is usually tempered with garlic. And I temper loads of it as I love garlic. Kulith ... Read More »

Palak dosa

This dosa can be prepared with any ‘Masala Dosa’ batter. This is in popular demand at our place especially the daughter likes it very much. She tasted it at ‘Sai Sadan’ prepared by her mayi Santoshi Nayak. And I was left with no choice but borrow the recipe. I make it either plain , with cheese or with cheese schezwan ... Read More »

Russian Salad

Today I’m going to share a recipe of a salad after a long time. This is a very rich and tasty salad which can be indulged once in a while. I made the salad vegetarian and used veg Mayo. You may also add boiled egg or boiled and shredded chicken to make it non vegetarian.In this salad the vegetables should ... Read More »

Mushti polo 3

Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Yes, this is the third recipe in the space and more to come.This time I tried my neighbour Vidya akka’s recipe adding ‘charmuri’ i.e puffed rice. Mushti polo compliments well with red chutney and my favourite too. Mushti means fist and polo means dosa..Stay ... Read More »

Chicken Ibrosi

Well, the name “Chicken Ibrosi” sounds interesting right? The curry is as tasty like its name. This recipe was shared with me by my aunt who is a very good cook . She had noted the recipe from a cookery show and edited the recipe as per her family’s taste. The naamkaran ie the naming ceremony of the dish was done ... Read More »

Baby Anjal tawa fry

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a tasty recipe of  Baby Anjal tawa fry. Yes, for this recipe basically baby Seer fish is used. You may prepare this with other fish like Mackerels, Sardines, Pomfrets etc. This recipe was shared to me by my aunt. She happened to taste this at her relatives place who cooks excellent seafood. The ... Read More »

Losoni saru/Garlic saru

Hello dear readers ! Feels so good to be back in the space. Today I’m going to share an easy peasy recipe of losoni saru. Losonu /losoni means garlic . So this is a garlic flavoured soup which is served with the rice and makes a great comfort food. This is my daughters personal favourite too. The recipe was passed to ... Read More »