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Minty Soya Chilly

Hello dear readers! Today I will share my sister Shanta Nayak’s recipe again. Minty Soya chilly  is one of her signature dish. It is mildly flavoured with mint and has a mixture of tangy and sweet taste. It is our family favourite dish too. This is also one of my personal favourite from her repertoire of dishes.  I have compiled ... Read More »

Gujarati Khadi, #2

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of Gujarati khadi.The recipe was shared with me by my sister Shanta Nayak. She says that she tasted this khadi  back in U.A.E. It was served with green moong . Every weekend they would eat out at a small Gujarati cafeteria just to have this humble khadi served with other Gujarati delicacies. ... Read More »

Nendrabale Kele Phodi/ Kerala Banana fritters

Hello dear readers! Happy Ugadi/ Yugadi for all those who celebrating ! Today is the new year of the g.s.b Konkani’s . We call this day as “Samsaar Padva”. Today’s day we prepare  many traditional dishes.There are many other rituals too which I will share when I get to know. Technically it is my birthday too. Yes, I was born ... Read More »

Chicken Pot roast

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of chicken pot roast. I have been preparing this dish since a decade and have prepared it countless times since then. The recipe was shared with me by a colleague . It has been my kids favourite and a very easy peasy recipe too.  I always prepare this dish when in ... Read More »

Avacado Milkshake

Summer has already hit Mangalore and it is super hot and humid. Though it is slightly drizzling since 2 days it is too hot inside the house. I always love super cold weather over hot climate. It is very important to drink lot of fluids now on to keep ourselves hydrated. And to make it more interesting have fruit juices ... Read More »

Instant cabbage ambado

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an easy peasy recipe of cabbage ambado. I found this picture today in one of my folders. Ambado means fritters.This goes well with the main course or can be had as a starter too. Back then Amma and Aayi used it prepare this often for lunch. This is an instant method. You may ... Read More »

Thai spring roll

Hello dear readers! Today I’m on blogging spree. I’m digging my folders to find the pictures which I missed sharing the recipes in the space. And there are many to share. Before the picture gets buried deep inside I want to share the recipe’s to the earliest. Thai spring roll is also called as fresh Vietnamese spring roll. I hadn’t ... Read More »

Avale chutney, Gooseberry chutney

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share a g.s.b style avale chutney recipe. Avalo means Gooseberry. We use brined gooseberry for this chutney. Now brined gooseberry is easily available in the stores. But Amma still makes it at home when in season. This chutney goes well with paej or gruel. Gooseberry is also called as Amla in Hindi. Amla ... Read More »

Egg Bhurji

Hello dear readers! Today I was  browsing the blog casually and found that I have missed adding many recipes. One among them was Egg bhurji. Egg bhurji was a childhood favourite and I would make it often. It takes me back to my childhood days where Arun Maam(my paternal uncle) would take me to have it in “Bhandary maams angadi” ... Read More »

Kooka upkari , Chinese potato stir fry

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Kooka upkari in g.s.b style. Kooka means Chinese potato. We use it in Ghashi’s,Koddel’s and prepare many other dishes.This is a simple dish and is prepared like any other upkari. Main work is cleaning the Kooka. It takes a whole lot of time. But there are techniques to ... Read More »