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  • Cotton Dosa

    Cotton Dosa

    I like to try new recipes of dosa’s as it is a staple of  G.S.B’s . Cotton dosa or Kapsa...

  • Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Butter beans and Bibbe humman

    Humman is a traditional G.S.B curry flavoured with asafoetida/hing. Basically Humman is prepared spi...

  • Ragda Patties

    Ragda Patties

    This is the second recipe of Ragda Patties I’m sharing in the space. Last time I had shared th...

  • Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

    Hello dear readers! I’m back after a long break. Today I will share the recipe of Kulitha Kodd...

  • Palak  dosa

    Palak dosa

    This dosa can be prepared with any ‘Masala Dosa’ batter. This is in popular demand at ou...

Tomato gojju , recipe #3


Hello dear readers ! Its been a long time since I blogged  and was missing blogging very badly. Today I will share an easy peasy recipe of tomato gojju. This gojju tastes very good and compliments well with chapathi. This is my aunt Pushpakka’s recipe and a keeper. I have prepared this gojju numerous time on popular demand . Stay ... Read More »

Chocolate fruit cake


This is one post which got delayed tremendously as I had to share inter recipes like soaking of the fruits and the procedure of caramel syrup. I followed the  recipe exactly from the baking group ‘fondbites bake along’ and this is bakealong recipe #55. I also followed the same measurement as per the recipe as I had baked during Christmas time and ... Read More »

Eggless butterscotch cake


Butterscotch is one of our favourite flavour in the cake and an eggless bake makes it complete. I had tried this recipe sometime back .The cake tasted very good with the crunch of butterscotch chips and was soft in texture though a little bit sticky due to butterscotch chips I guess. Nevertheless I could slice it beautifully. For conversion of ... Read More »

Banoffee pie


I had come across this dish many a times in the cooking shows and had also tasted this long back. Recently my friend Shree posted this dish in our school group and it looked so drooling I had to give it a try . She was generous enough to share the recipe with us and I gave it a try ... Read More »

How to make caramel syrup ?


As promised I’m sharing the recipe of caramel syrup today . This is an important recipe for those who love baking. Caramel syrup is used to bake caramel cake and also in plum cakes. This can also be used to drizzle over desserts. The ingredients of the recipe is very few and the recipe looks very simple. But I learnt ... Read More »

How to make caramel sauce/salted caramel sauce ?


This is a one of the deadliest recipe I’m sharing in the space.There is always a confusion between the caramel sauce and caramel syrup. I , myself was in the confusion category until recently. Now that I have revised and practiced many a times I thought of clearing the doubt and sharing it in the space. I’m sure it ‘ll be ... Read More »

Cream cheese sandwich


This is a cold sandwich and can be prepared in a short span . My sister taught us to prepare this and it became a superhit at our place . This makes a great kids party snack or evening snacks. I had shared this recipe with my friend Shree and it became a superhit at her place too . Coming ... Read More »

Sabudana Appo


After sweet and starter recipe now its time for breakfast time. I have many pictures lying in the folders and got to share wide range of recipes. Sabudana Appo is one among them and it is a healthy breakfast dish, something new and interesting . Do try this recipe and let me know your views. Until then stay tuned for ... Read More »

Amritsari gobi pakoda


After my first sweet post of the year I’m sure this post will compliment well . Amritsari gobi pakoda makes an excellent starter and I bet it will be a hit at any party . It goes well with the main course too. The preparation is easy peasy and most of the times I love jhatpat recipes. I had prepared this ... Read More »