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Vegetable noodles

Burmese,Japanese and Chinese again.Lazy Sunday,and I was simply lazing around.But what to do question was of hungry stomachs and my daughter Sanjus demand Amma! Noodles and some Chinese gravy.I agreed lazily.Started to dig my pantry for Noodles and yippee I found a Packet of Chings Paneer chilly and I also glanced a sachet of Chings miracle masala and I snatched it immediately. Thus, ... Read More »

Beans and veggie couscous

Wiki says couscous is a  Maghrebian dish made of semolina and served with meat or vegetables.It is the favorite dish of French people too.Google says couscous originates from North Africa.I had this packet lying in my pantry since few days which  my sister had brought from Middle East.And today’s theme in the  FB food group was beans.Beans stir fry,masala was ... Read More »

Beet falafel

Falafel is a Middle eastern delicacy.Since my theme for  the Fb food group was Beetroot,this idea struck my mind ,why not beet falafel. And trust me it tasted crisp and awesome.Cant resist eating only one or two,this is irresistible,you can eat on and on.I had planned for beetroot kosumbari,beet cutlet or beet cheese balls but ended up trying this exotic falafel. Beetroot is very good ... Read More »


Falafel is popular in the middle east and a traditional Arabic food. I was first exposed to this tasty dish by my sister when I had visited her in Canada. After that it has been included in my Favorite list. Falafel is a deep fried  ball made out of  ground chickpea. Its origin is from Egypt but it is famous all over ... Read More »

Cabbage and bell pepper momos

Chinese fest going on in my blog ? Well, today’s theme in the FB food group was cabbage . Cabbage upkari,cabbage sukkhe ,cabbage ambado was a big NO to me , atleast not  today. Not that I don’t like it ,but not today I wanted something new and innovative . So planned for cabbage and bell pepper  pakode ,still not satisfied ... Read More »

Capsicum fried rice

Capsicum fried rice or bell pepper  rice is a colorful chinese rice with loads of capsicum.I prepared this for the fb group theme .Capsicum is the favorite at our place and this rice turned very tasty.Chinese food has always been a favorite at our place.This is a very simple preparation and hardly takes 30 minutes to cook.Capsicum is known by other names ... Read More »

Moong dal sheera/halwa

Moong dal Sheera/halwa was again prepared for the theme fest in a fb food group where we were given a common recipe.I prepared this recipe for the first time and the taste was awesome.I prepared both halwa and sheera. This halwa is a delicacy of Rajasthan. I tasted this halwa in Rajasthani thalis and is one of my favorite halwa. There is a  Konkani version of ... Read More »

Pumpkin koftha

Pumpkin koftha,an interesting curry prepared for the theme fest in a food group.My dear friend Nuts shared this  recipe with me and it really turned awesome.Pumpkin is the  most popular field crop cultivated around the world and has many nutritious benefits too.It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.It also protects against many cancers.We,Konkani’s even consume its bud,flowers,leaves and ... Read More »

Sungta khala upkari

Sungta khala upkari was again the second dish prepared on Aparna’s day in Fb food group and the first dish was Tangy babycorn and paneer masala. Sungta means prawns.This is basically a Keralite dish,but don’t know more about the history.This is a spicy prawn pickle.My son relished it  until it got over.Please refer  here for the detailed recipe.Goes well with rice. Ingredients: ... Read More »

Tangy babycorn and paneer masala

This recipe I had to prepare in a Fb food group for my dear friend Aparans day as per her wish.We were given the  option of three simple recipes out of which we had to prepare only two.This is one among the two.As the name goes this dish was tangy and finger licking.Even my Amma liked it.Please visit her blog ... Read More »