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  • Tuppa dosa, #3

    Tuppa dosa, #3

    Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the 3rd recipe of “Tuppa dosa” in th...

  • Purple cabbage raita/kachumbar/kosumbari

    Purple cabbage raita/kachumbar/kosumbari

    Hello dear readers! Today I will share a healthy recipe of raita made out of purple cabbage. This ra...

  • Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

    Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

    Hello dear readers! Its been a long time since I shared any cake / brownie recipe. So today I will s...

  • Jain Avare Koddel

    Jain Avare Koddel

    Hello dear readers! Today I will share another traditional dish of g.s.b’s . It is called as &...

  • Sada Dosa

    Sada Dosa

    Hello dear readers ! Today I will share another dosa recipe which I tired recently. It was from Nand...

Flour tortillas

Flour tortillas are the Mexican unleavened flat bread.It is usually used to prepare Quesadillas.I have already posted Veg quesadilla recipe recently which was my 100th post .Flour tortillas are most famous in USA in the preparation for burritos.Tortilla is a Spanish name which means small cake.For me it is the  Indian version of roti or chapati. The stuffing can be either veg ... Read More »


Pulihara or puliyogre is a  tamarind flavored rice.This dish  is tangy and spicy.It can be relished as a breakfast,lunch or dinner. Pulihara is also distributed in the temples as’ prasadam'(religious offering to the almighty,consumed by the worshipers). We, GSB’s celebrate a temple festival known as car festival in Mangalore for continuous five days.Every evening on the festival, food will be served traditionally on the plantain leaf with delicious dishes.On the fourth day ... Read More »


Appo is a traditional  Konkani breakfast dish  prepared in almost every household of the GSB’s. To prepare this you need a special pan with few depressions.This is best served with the chutney.My amma prepares the best appo’s. Even though I prepare it,  cant match  it with amma’s taste.We prepare this dish at least once a week.On the whole this is a healthy breakfast and can be even ... Read More »

Kolmino Patio

 Kolmino patio is a Parsi/Iranian  preparation. Kolmino patio is basically a sweet and sour prawn curry.I came across this dish from  Nutans blog.We were given a task to prepare this dish in the Fb food group on bloggers day by Nutan .I just love trying new recipes  and I was happy to see this recipe. Nutan  has explained the recipe step wise beautifully. And ... Read More »

Vegetable quesadilla(100th post)

100…. century..…Yes, this is my 100th post.I’m very happy that I have reached to this number within one and a half month…….I first tasted quesadilla in Canada, introduced by my sister.In India I got to taste it again when pizza hut introduced it.But on popular demand I had to finally hunt for the recipe and satisfy the craving of my ... Read More »

Dahi bhendi

Dahi bhendi is a  yogurt flavored curry seasoned with deep fried ladys finger. Dahi means yogurt and bhendi means lady’s finger.I first tasted this dish at a restaurant named Palki in Mangalore.They serve the best dahi bhendi. Then finally one day I found this recipe in my oldest hand written recipe book and experimented it and adjusted the recipe as per my taste.I have already posted bhendi ... Read More »

Bhendi white curry

Bhendi white curry is a traditional dish of Konkani’s who reside in Kerala.I adapted this dish from my Aayi(paternal grandma, that’s what we call,but generally we address as  Bapama for paternal grandma) who has a very good collection of old is gold recipes.Since she is from Kerala we have Keralite touch to our dishes.Traditionally, in Konkani we name this dish as Bhenda Dave Randai. This curry ... Read More »

Beetroot kosumbari

Beetroot kosumbari is a healthy salad served with the main course.Beetroot is very good for health especially to boost the hemoglobin level.It is said that it is our Liver’s best friend.It is a super storehouse of iron and Vitamin C.Coming back to the recipe I adapted this recipe from Santoshi and is one of my personal favourite salad. Ingredients: Beetroot-1 Onion-1 Green chilly-1 Mustard ... Read More »

Malai koftha

Malai koftha is a rich and creamy North Indian gravy. It is a Mughlai dish with loads of dry fruits..Malai means cream and koftha means cottage cheese dumplings . Koftha’s can be prepared both, veg or non veg.It goes well with roti,paratha or any rice dishes.I love Mughlai dishes.So for those who love the Mughlai food , this is one of the ... Read More »

Pudina paratha

Pudina paratha is a mint flavored paratha prepared with whole wheat flour.Mint is one of the oldest  herb which has a strong flavor.It has many health benefits.I adapted this recipe from Nita mehta’s cookery book.This roti goes well with Dum Aloo or any North Indian gravies. Ingredients: Atta(whole wheat flour)-2 cups Poodina(mint leaves)-4tbsp Carom seeds(ajawain)-1tsp Oil-2 tbsp Salt-1/2tsp Red chillly ... Read More »