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Pedvo kothambari methi(Sardines curry in Mangalorean style)

Pedvo kothambari methi is again a traditional konkani seafood food preparation. Pedvo means  Indian oil Sardines,kothambari means coriander seeds and methi means fenugreek seeds.This curry is specially prepared with baby sardines which we say as tharu bhuthai in the local language tulu. Sardines are abundant in Mangalore. A very tasty Mangalorean  curry,  traditionally prepared in a mud vessel,which we say as Mathi jhalke kulle in Konkani, which enhances ... Read More »

Dahi kadi with palak bhajias

Dahi kadi with palak bhajias is a yogurt based gravy. Dahi means curds and palak means spinach.I adapted this recipe from my super chef friend Nutans blog.For more details on the recipe please check this blog.I found  this recipe few days back and was so tempted at the view,lost my sleep until I prepared it yesterday.It is indeed salivating.My kids too enjoyed this dish.This is ... Read More »

Sol kadi

Sol,Kokum,berinda sol ,they all are the same.Goa is very famous for its Sol kadi and kokum sar. Kokum, sorrel fruit , tamarind is most commonly used in Konkan cooking as it adds tangy taste and blends with the other spices and balances the curry.In konkani we call it as Berinda sol and most common preparation is Berinda saru which I will post soon.My ... Read More »

Strawberry phirni

Winter time,strawberry season has hit the market again.I was longing for the strawberries and finally my son  came with a box of it yesterday and I was very happy to see it,not that I love the fruit but I just admire its beauty and color,since red is my favorite color.And they were luscious and juicy ones.Few years back we used to get ... Read More »

Ginger garlic paste

Nothing like homemade ginger garlic paste.No preservative and full of freshness and flavor.I know this is very simple to prepare,but it is so very handy if you prepare it in advance and store it.I,maximum use only homemade ginger garlic paste.It puts me off at the smell of  the ready made ones.Seldom,I use ready made ones.So isn’t this the best way to store ?It takes hardly ... Read More »

Zaffrani pulav

Ummmmmmmm, Zaffrani pulav,the name itself spreads so much of aroma. Zaffrani pulav is a rice preparation  made  with  the Saffron strands  and spices.A very simple preparation and mild in taste.You may prepare this pulav sweet if you have a sweet tooth.My folks don’t prefer sweet taste so I didn’t make it sweet.I adapted this recipe from my Fb friend S,where again we ... Read More »

Vegetable pulav,Amma’s signature pulao

I rather name this  as Amma’s super hit pulav instead of just “vegetable pulav”. This pulav takes me back to my childhood days where Amma used to prepare this on every Saturday. Dad used to get green peas masala from the restaurant as an accompaniment. That was the Saturday tradition back then. Until recently there was this Saturday tradition, but now it is prepared ... Read More »

Ginger prawns

I adapted this recipe from  Kudpiraj’s Garam Tawa.When my dear friend Kudpi maam posted this dish in his blog I drooled at the first sight itself and wanted to prepare it immediately.This is indeed a very tasty dish and reminds me of restaurant style ginger prawns.I modified the recipe with slight changes as per my  needs.For step wise details of this recipe please visit ... Read More »

Flour tortillas

Flour tortillas are the Mexican unleavened flat bread.It is usually used to prepare Quesadillas.I have already posted Veg quesadilla recipe recently which was my 100th post .Flour tortillas are most famous in USA in the preparation for burritos.Tortilla is a Spanish name which means small cake.For me it is the  Indian version of roti or chapati. The stuffing can be either veg ... Read More »


Pulihara or puliyogre is a  tamarind flavored rice.This dish  is tangy and spicy.It can be relished as a breakfast,lunch or dinner. Pulihara is also distributed in the temples as’ prasadam'(religious offering to the almighty,consumed by the worshipers). We, GSB’s celebrate a temple festival known as car festival in Mangalore for continuous five days.Every evening on the festival, food will be served traditionally on the plantain leaf with delicious dishes.On the fourth day ... Read More »